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  • The Iron Alchemist
    50.7K 2.3K 64

    When young Boone Rigger is pulled into the most fierce Gunslinger Tournament in the country, he must find the courage to kill, or be buried six feet underground. Updates Everyday!

  • They Swarm By Fire (Hold)
    200 24 5

    The fire burns and the creatures come. Like light to flies, they come. Burning everything and leaving nothing, as locust, they come. Until we've all turned to ashes, and they've gone...

  • Better off Dead
    137 1 19

    Lorelei's world is flipped upside down when she is involved in an accident that takes two students' lives. The only problem? She doesn't remember it. Plagued by nightmares and recurring migraines, something inside of Lorelei has shifted. To make matters worse, she's caught the attention of two very attractive guys. On...

  • Lip Service | Blind Date 20 of 31
    277 44 1

    Suzi needs a date. Well actually, based on the bet she just made with her two best friends, she needs thirty-one dates. Thirty-one blind dates to be exact. On date twenty, despite a string of unfortunate nights, fate offers Suzi a chance to change her tune. Who is that handsome stranger at Blind Date Karaoke and, by t...

  • The Dragon Chase: A Tale of the Everburning City
    297K 10.5K 45

    Fires blaze in the Everburning City, holding back a fog that consumes the Earth, but when an army assaults its walls, Tabitha a'Loria is humanity's last hope. ***** For four hundred years the Everburning City has withstood the advance of the life-st...

  • Blink
    147 12 2

    What goes up in the Fantasy Orbit private rooms must eventually come down. Stripper Briella uses all her talents in low-gravity to make a notorious space pirate bend to her will -- especially when he has no idea who he's dealing with. Team Sea Monkey Ghost Philosophy Sci-Fi entry for #TeamUpChallenge, hosted by @Chal...

  • Walk The Line
    208K 14.3K 17

    **YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THE BITE FIRST TO READ THIS** When strange events start happening on the pack line, Levi Alexander Thorne is eager to prove to his father Luca, alpha of the Tikanni pack, that he can handle it. But what Levi didn't expect, was to run into Eve Everette, youngest daughter of Emmett Everette th...

  • Poor Things (Wattys2018 Winner)
    216K 16.8K 63

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Horror || Wattpad Featured || After a tragic accident, football star Joel Harper finds himself rolling his wheelchair into a new school in a strange town. Soon he's making friends of misfits, taking lessons in Iron Maiden, and dodging a ruthless bully with a penchant for switchblades. Little is...

  • The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse
    231K 18.6K 58

    When aliens invade, four baristas are forced to become the saviours of the world. Grab your double-shot of java and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride! ***** In the Earth's darkest hour, unexpected heroes are stirring... their coffee, that is...

  • My Hungry Friend
    11.5K 465 8

    From the author of Poor Things, a Wattpad featured story and #1 ranking novel in horror, comes a dark tale of love and vengeance . . . and spiders. When Mike Roberts kicks over a homeless woman's cup of change, she whispers a cryptic warning: "Mind the cracks . . ." Now the Boston he knows and loves is unraveling arou...

  • ✅ The Realms [Watty 2017 Shortlist]
    68.4K 4.9K 45

    One mistake changes Hannah's life forever, exiling her from her realm and isolating her from the man who loves her. Now, Hannah must find a way to restore Ryan's memories and get them both back home before she loses everything forever. After threatening Ryan's father, the Ruler of the Realms, Hannah is transplanted in...

  • Planet Aphrodite 🌹 Now on Tapas!
    128K 2.2K 12

    (Now on Tapas!) What if the Beast was an alien, his planet was his Curse, and our Beauty was an up and coming spacecraft engineer, with a fear of flying? Venusa Desrosiers is traveling to the planet Aphrodite from her home planet of Gaia. Aphrodite is a volatile planet in the new solar system humans inhabit. Venus...

  • Human Error
    1.5M 86.4K 52

    BOOK 1 // Human Error (COMPLETE) BOOK 2 // Human Instinct (IN PROGRESS) *NOW OPTIONED FOR A TV SHOW* "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness engineered right into their DNA." - William Shakespeare, 1602 (adapted for BioPlus) Astrid Oxford is not normal. Two...

  • Maid Of Mer
    918K 55.3K 45

    Aria is not like the Sirens. She lacks their sultry deception, the dark magic that lures sailors to enchanted demise. They call her the mer-maid, neither accepting Aria as part of the Mer nor being one of the daughters of men. Mer can be cursed. Men are food. Love is forbidden. And one must never - ever - kiss a hu...

  • Snow
    689K 45.1K 99

    Nobody knows what day it is anymore. Nobody knows the month, the day of the week...and the only way to tell time is by the slight change in the color of the sky from grey to black every twenty-four hours. If a day even is twenty-four hours anymore. The planet is dead. The people are dead. Snow falls down u...

  • 1001 Nights
    2.4M 151K 38

    ❝Tell me a story, love.❞ In which, a slave girl tells a bloodthirsty king a story in exchange for her life. [07.15.16] all rights reserved ©2016

  • Life Magic
    301K 17.2K 60

    There exist seven forms of magic. And there exist six races, each given mastery of one of the forms and a basic understanding of the others. Together they built great cities, were ruled by great kings, and raised great wonders. After centuries of peace and good fortune, old forces begin to stir, and the locks on an...

  • A Pirate in Time (Completed)
    1.6M 84.2K 49

    After finally graduating high school, eighteen year old Elizabeth Proctor is pressured into a party at sea. When things go wrong, she finds herself thrown into an entirely different world. Waking up on a pirate ship that sailed hundreds of years before her time, Elizabeth must figure out how to adjust to her new life...

  • Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novel
    224K 16.9K 90

    If you think artificial intelligence is dangerous, then you don't know the real threat to humanity's future... Luna Valencia is the founder of the hottest artificial intelligence startup in history. She's about to become incredibly rich and powerful. But just when she's about to take her company public, her world begi...

    1.1M 82.1K 95

    *** 2017 Riveting Reads Watty Award Winner*** When you have nowhere else to go, you go to the Last Resort. In a broken world ruined by war and the greed of humankind, Ava struggles to keep the one thing hidden that could get her killed. However, with a pair of golden eyes watching her every move, a new job that...

  • High Society Mess | Book 1
    4.9K 371 33

    • { Highest rank: #276 in ChickLit | 26/08/16 • Set in a world of Country club socialites, high fashion and manipulative women and their teenage daughters. You will love the La'Vista mother and daughter duo and their high society mess of destruction. (Un-edited version) #ChickLit #ProjectWomenUp #OurTeenHearts #Girl...

  • Eve | Town of Dreaming
    9.1K 595 61

    A Dark Contemporary Romance Thriller Prepare to enter a dangerous ride of secrets, lies, betrayal and danger. Where trusting those closest to you could be your ultimate mistake. Eve Star is about to pay the ultimate price. Beautiful Cover By: @s_huddar

  • The Bite-Book I
    20.1M 891K 91

    Charlotte is on the run from a troubled past to start a new life, turn a new page and begin again. Little does she know that the new life she is about to start, is one that is only supposed to exist only in fairy tales. What was a minor decision put her in the wrong place at the wrong time; a decision that will be bu...

  • The Dream Traveler
    106K 10.8K 39

    Being engaged to a fiery world that's lost in the darkness of her memory can be dangerous. In Acklemar, Wren learns every decision has a price--even love. Can the Travelers reach her in time to uncover the hidden secrets of her past and help her find her future? Or will she pay the ultimate price for the right to choo...

  • The Psychic Within
    285K 10K 32

    Sequel to The Psychic Next Door. Rachel Vaughn just wants to feel normal again. After narrowly escaping the wrath of the Beast (and its deranged master,) returning to an ordinary life seems impossible, especially with her psychic boyfriend Luc around. It doesn't help that Rachel is tortured every night by nightmares...

  • Much Ado About Ben and Trix
    3.9K 358 13

    "Some cupid kills with arrows, others with traps," - Hero After a messy breakup, Ben and Beatrix are thrown back together when a gas leak at the boys school renders them unable to finish their yearly exams. The only option for them, to move into Messina School for Girls. Frustrated at their endless bickering their new...

  • Traitors' Gate - Battle of the Undead
    161 5 7

    Only time will tell who the traitors really are... Sixteen-year-old Lucinda is getting the home-coming from hell. England is in the grip of the War of the Roses and her tyrant father has promised her hand to a vile man three times her age. In need of aid, she seeks sanctuary with an old childhood friend only to find h...

  • Waking the Fae [BOOK ONE]
    204K 13.1K 32

    | BOOK ONE | COMPLETE | [#RBLS finalist - top 7] Rebecca Morley lives a normal life. Well, as normal as a teenage life can be. Boys, friends, makeup . . . They don't matter to her. She's just the freak of her school, the one no one wants around. Growing up as an orphan she was never wanted. She's built up walls to pro...

  • The Wild Orchid
    40.4K 1.7K 47

    Check out my new Wattpad Facebook Group¬if_id=1529899088450237¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic Takes place in the 1920s The story Zorell Dupree, a young twenty year old nurse who moves to the city wor...

  • The Season Trials
    91.7K 4.8K 25

    Freedom is a gift. Gifts aren't given freely. Unless you're one of them. Kaylin Renoz dreads Assortment Day. Just like everyone else. People sold to the wealthy, escaping from poverty, only to be branded with a number. May 5. The day of her 17th birthday. The day she's chosen. The day she become 2309. The day Kayli...