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  • Kiss Me, Quick//Iwaoi
    1.5K 87 1

    A kiss shouldn't matter. It was a mandatory solution to a problem they faced on the job. It didn't mean anything. They should forget about it, never speak of it again and pretend it never happened. That's what Iwaizumi believes. But the kiss pulls out more feelings from him that he had pushed away. Feelings he had tol...

  • F r i e n d s [Bokuaka]
    7.1K 350 4

    he has never messaged me back. ⁛⁚ ⁛⁚ ⁛⁚ ⁛ -lowercase intended

  • ☼Goodbye, Sunshine☼【 Kagehina 】
    261K 10.6K 33

    ≪ ANGST ≫ ≪ TRIGGER WARNING ≫ Hinata Shōyo has always been a happy person. So why did his smile turn into a frown? Why did his bright eyes grow dim? Why did he seem to grow more tired? Why did he stop playing? "Why?" That was the only question going through Kageyama's head as he read the note over and over again, tear...

  • The New World
    5K 1.6K 53

    "This is a story of a lifetime. I have been working on this for so long now. I searched so many journals, mission reports, voice records, videotapes and so much more. But you deserve to know the truth. Because these people deserve to be known in the right way. Now forget everything you think you know. It's going to be...

  • Ineffable
    8.5K 744 33

    [Book One] |×| Ineffable: unutterable, inexpressible |×| "Know your enemy. Win the war. Bring back victory." Kuroo and Kenma. Two best friends who were once inseparable, but soon lost each other. Hatred grew within their hearts, and they changed. One turned into a guardian of peace, and the other seek for chaos. Kuroo...

  • Bearings // Haikyuu!! KageHina fanfic [DISCONTINUED]
    90 5 1

    Kageyama Tobio only cares about one thing. Volleyball. He had long since abandoned any regard for his a mental health or social interactions and the only people he finds himself talking to are his mother and 'acquaintance' Oikawa Tooru. Kageyama intends to spend the rest of his existence locked in his room, only makin...

  • Crystallized Thoughts
    344 72 21

    I wish to stay, to spread more feelings that have been going through my heart; and to spread more thoughts that have been running on my mind

  • Tokyo~Shitsuji
    76.3K 3.4K 16

    Kaneki Ken, has been kidnapped by Jason and is experiencing intense torture...but instead of enduring it someone comes to save unlikely candidate. This individual saves him but at a really weird price. He will be taken to another dimension! One completely different from everything he is used to AND IT WON'T...

  • after life
    59.8K 4.8K 33

    What happens if Oikawa Tooru dies? Iwaizumi Hajime breaks, that's what. » completed » THIS IS A FETUS BOOK AND I HATE IT WITH ALL MY MIGHT PLEASE GO READ NEWER STUFF BC WHATEVER ANYONE SAYS THIS SUCKS ASS the only good thing is the cover,, yuuya looks so soft bye

  • the hell that is a spider
    2.5K 353 1

    There's a spider in Oikawa's room. They don't handle it well. » completed » one-shot

    Completed   Mature
  • The Feeling's Mutual (Haikyuu!)
    2.8K 112 3

    Iwaizumi Hajime was never the popular type like his childhood friend Oikawa. He never experienced being told “Good luck” at, by a girl. He only experienced being told that by his teammates. Once he liked someone, the girl would have liked Oikawa. His feelings were always unrequited. So when he saw a certain girl in...

  • Tantei, Kaitou, and Mafia (Crossover Katekyo Hitman Reborn & Detective Conan)
    49.8K 1.5K 23

    Kaito was able to get Pandora but his little detective gets tangled into his fate. A secret organization that was after Kaito and Pandora shot Conan. Kaito is in trouble, then they were saved by the next heir of the V.F. Corp. and the 10th Boss of the Vongola Family, Sawada, Tsunayoshi. The star, moon, and the sky hav...

  • The Witch Code
    2.9K 82 1

    Sci-fi clashes with mystery as Harvard Professor Robert Langdon finds himself using his eidetic memory and knowledge of symbols to help find four missing children that have vanished after playing in a room dominated by an old wooden wardrobe. A wardrobe with strange, alien symbols carved into it. What force has take...

  • Tales of an Adventure: Lucy's Book Land Adventures (NaLu Series Book 2)
    85.3K 2.7K 44

    After the incident from Juremer's Mansion, Lucy and the others went in search for Igneel. Before they've gone far enough, Master Makarov wants them to come back because Magnolia is conducting a festival. One day before the festival happens, Lucy vanished. Where could our Celestial Spirit Mage be? Who would search for...

  • It's Showtime!!
    599 28 1

    || ENGLISH || Another DC Fanpoem, and this time, about the ever handsome and ever swift Kaitou Kid !! :DD

  • Gin
    273 29 1

    One of the most dangerous villain we know. Gin.

  • Detective Conan / Cased Closed : Shinichi is Kid the Phantom Thief
    1.9K 39 1

    Paano kung... si Shinichi si Kaito Kid? Paano kung ang sikat na High School detective ay si 'Kid the Phantom Thief'? Kung siya nga... Paano? Bakit? (One Shot) -- by: ConanChan ♥

  • Defective Detective
    653 35 1

    Lagi siyang kawawa sa paningin niyo... Hindi niyo man lang alam ang nararamdaman niya! Basahin niyo para malaman niyo kung ano ang nasa isip ni Kogoro Mouri! :DD My 4th DC Fanpoem.

  • Pandora [A Detective Conan Fan Fiction][COMPLETE]
    26.9K 953 15

    We know already that Conan is Shinichi. It was because of The Black Organization who made Shinichi drink the poison. Well, the poison did not take effect because it only made Shinichi shrink into his seven-year-old body. However, what if it happened the other way around? What if it was Ran who run away and saw the cri...

  • Grey to Green: Gin's Sister (A Detective Conan Fanfiction)
    2.1K 47 2

    Neliel Edenburg is the name that was given to her so many years ago, and the name she's gone by for so long now. Neliel, better known as Nel or Nellie, is a member of the Black Organization. At fourteen years of age, she is the youngest member, and the organization's finest assassin. She is also Gin's younger si...

  • Beauty And The Bill
    4.1K 251 9

    (y/n) (l/n) cherishes only one thing in her life and that is her only family left; her father. She'd do absolutely anything for him, even death cannot stop what she will do in order to protect him and keep him alive. So when her father is kidnapped by a cursed demon, she takes his place and stays with him in a manor...

    45.4K 1.6K 9

    another [uh-nuh-ther] adjective: 1.additional- She's just 'another' member of the E-Class. 2. different; distinct- She's 'another' student with unique characteristics of her own. 3. very similar to- She's simply 'another' secret like Koro-sensei. ||Ongoing||

  • Masquerading Virtuoso【Tokyo Ghoul Fan-Fiction】
    28.6K 2.1K 16

    "You can masquerade and dance about, veiling the truth only for so long ... before the spotlight shines on you and all those around are left to bear witness to your falsity." Tsuki Nomura. An average looking girl living in Tokyo, Japan, with a knack for playing the piano and entertaining others. She and her parents h...

  • The Centipede《 Vampire Knight / Tokyo Ghoul 》
    302K 11.8K 15

    Keiko Kaneki is a new student in Cross Academy. Lovable, kind and always forgiving, it's generally impossible for anyone to hate her. Everyone adores her long, silvery white hair and grey-brown eyes that sparkle with curiousity and generosity. But underneath the smiles and laughter, there's somebody else. Someone alo...

  • A Winter Zephyr
    342 20 6

    Zephyr , A 17-year-old boy who likes music very much has moved to a prestigious school ever know as Zenith Noble Academy. With his incapability to hear sound and his skill to play such magnificent music made him really incredible. While other people lack knowledge about his talent they see it as his inability. On the...

  • An Autumn Zephyr
    302 29 3

    A story of a young man that had been changed by a simple guitar. Cover by: Technoreal004

  • Criminal Case ~SasuSaku~
    274K 12.8K 34

    Sakura Haruno, or as known as by most, Detective Haruno. Known for her problem solving and bravery, she serves a big role in putting criminals to justice. Whether she stays in the office and thinks cases through, or plays hide and seek with criminals, she always succeeds. When she is given a major and dangerous case t...

  • Dear High School Gang Leader (Naruto and Akatsuki AU Fan Fiction)
    70.1K 4.1K 24

    Being torn away from her friends and school was the last thing Akira Yamada would like to experience. Her father is a dedicated policeman and obsessed with finding out more about an infamous gang called "Akatsuki" but for succeeding in this, he must send someone as an undercover agent. There's a small detail which is...