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  • Suburbia (Troyler AU)
    19.4K 1.4K 43

    Completed ~ Ever since Tyler moved to Australia from America, he and his neighbour Troye became best friends. At the age of 10 they make a promise to never leave each other and stay best friends forever. Not all promises last though. As soon as he turns 18, Troye leaves his home to America to live his dreams of becomi...

    Completed   Mature
  • This House Is Not A Home: Bleeding Heart (Scomiche) (Troyler) (Kavi)
    47.6K 2.2K 21

    Mitch Grassi - better known as Lights by his housemates - meets face to face with death while trying to finish the war he'd started at the Hemingway's Home for Orphaned Boys. After losing four people in the short time he's been there, Lights will do whatever it takes to make sure no one else gets hurt, and in turn he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dead Butterfly - Troyler AU
    16.8K 615 5

    They met with the help of a blue butterfly, in a park fourteen years ago. Troye was Tyler's "little guy" since day one and Tyler was his "Tilly". However, eleven years after their fateful encounter, it is with the help of the same blue butterfly that forced them apart. Broken and unsure, Troye leaves behind all the me...

  • Perpetual Longing: A Troyler Fic.
    65.6K 3.2K 19

    AU: in which Tyler and Troye are as different as can be, but somehow fit together like two parts of a whole. Their lives come together with a tad bit of scheming on Tyler's part, and more than a tad bit of flirting on Troye's. Eventually, they coalesce into an inseparable unit--and you know what they say about friends...

  • Troyler AU - Uncuff Me
    33.9K 1.7K 21

    Detective Oakley just has too much pride about who he dates. But it's just his luck that the one that would break all his rules would be the one and only Troye Sivan. One night of raw passion and Detective Oakley is doomed. Or is he? *The story is a sequel to Troyler Oneshot - Cuffed. This story can be re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Uncuff Me - A Perfectly Imperfect Love Story
    509 34 12

    The story follows the journey of two men and how their relationship has been explosive from the beginning. They meet under a unprecedented circumstance and it has been a hell of a ride for the both of them. One is a respectable detective who is diligent and committed in his job and the other is an outspoken and shamel...

  • Dear Tyler
    3.7K 283 14

  • Troyler Oneshot - The Gym
    3.4K 126 2

    Troye Sivan is a shy college student with vivid imagination and healthy sex drive. When an unexpected man becomes the subject of his infatuation, his dirty mind runs wild and his hormones get out of control. What awkward situation will Troye runs into? *SMUT WARNING! Please read in your own private time, henny (But I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let Him Go
    10.1K 589 27

    Tyler and Connor have a falling out, leaving Troye to choose between his two best friends. He is forced to decide between a boy he has loved for the longest time and a boy he has newly developed feelings for. --- Note: This is my first fanfiction and I have some parts written. I will be sure to include trigger warnin...

  • One Day (Troyler One-Shot)
    2.6K 40 2

    Tyler and Troye are THE couple. They're engaged, to be married in a few months, yet they were just like any other couple. They got in fights, cried over one another, contemplated breaking up--just to finally be engaged. Until Troye's forced to reconsider everything. Will he hold on or choose to let go of his love of h...

  • Hidden in the Shadows ~ Troyler AU
    10K 775 32

    We are hiding something. Something important. Some of us are public. Some hide away in the shadows. We my look normal. But let me tell you. WE ARE NOT NORMAL. This story is about youtubers having magical powers if you weren't certain what it was about in my little blurb thing. In this story Youtubers aren't going to b...

  • mentally in love ☼ troyler au
    12.4K 938 26

    Why am I still in this cruel world if I can't love who I want to love? ☼ © awkwardciifford 2015 TRIGGER WARNING ! contains self harm

  • remind me ; troyler
    54.5K 3.5K 33

    "I know I probably shouldn't feel this way. I shouldn't be disappointed or angry that he no longer loves me the way he used to. I know it's my fault, after all I was the one to make the choice. But if I could go back and choose again, I want him to know that he would always be my pick. I was foolish. I was young. I le...

  • Insatiable (A Troyler AU)
    62.4K 3.2K 38

    Tyler Oakley. An only child and the heir of millions. With no one to guide or put him in the right path. He goes around making nuisances. No boundaries, no rules and no problems throwing money around. He does whatever he wants or whoever he wants. Spontaneous and carefree in his life, what he likes, he has to get. Whi...

  • Dirty Masseur (Troyler One-Shot)
    5.6K 116 1

    What is better than a massage appointment to relieve you from your stress? A massage appointment with Dr. Oakley. Troye has been feeling really stressed lately and finally decided to book himself a massage therapy appointment at the spa but the only person available to take care of him at that time was Dr. Oakley, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Valentine (troyler AU)
    196K 11.5K 45

    Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan have been best friends ever since second grade, when Tyler asked Troye to be his valentine. Every following year they'd ended up as each others valentines, in some way or another. But both of these boys had real, unearthed feeling for each other, and being each other's valentine as a "frie...

  • stolen seconds •• troyler
    2.8K 268 7

    "little did I know I was slowly falling in love with a man running on a tight schedule." a short angst fic thought up at 3 in the morning that was written first as a oneshot and later on changed into a short fic. enjoy.

  • Different || Troyler AU
    64.3K 4.2K 39

    Angels with black wings aren't angels, so what are they? Troye is a depressed, anorexic boy in need of someone. Tyler is a smart, happy new boy who has everyone. Troye's wings won't always save him when he falls, especially if he's the one who makes himself jump in the first place. +COMPLETED, self harm, depression, a...

  • Confined Space. [Troyler One Shot]
    9.6K 229 1

    •SMUT WARNING• After a long day of work, Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan just want to go home but life doesn't seem to work that way when a major technical difficulty throws them together. A fiery spark burns between the two but with no one to calm the flame down, what could happen next?

    Completed   Mature
  • Grease (Troyler)
    186K 11.8K 42

    Troye and Tyler had the ideal summer romance, but what happens when Tyler shows up at Troye's hometown high school? Will Troye continue to be the fake, slutty guy he is? Or will Tyler bring out the real him? (Inspired by the movie "Grease) *Fab cover made by the fab @xSillyTilly

  • He's Not Like Them- Troyler AU
    48.5K 2.6K 23

    Troye is different than the other angels at Tyler's academy. Everyone else seems to be pushed away from him and Tyler doesn't understand why he only gravitates towards him. Why does the boy in the back of the class not shine like the other angels? ~ ~ ~ I have had an epiphany and I now realize I absolutely love angel...

  • Good Boys Listen To Daddy (Tronler Smut)
    5.7K 98 1


    Completed   Mature
    7K 224 1


  • This House Is Not a Home (Scomiche) (Troyler)
    98.4K 3.5K 26

    In this horror story, Mitch Grassi is sent to Hemingway's Home for Orphaned Boys after being kicked out of the previous shelter. He's taken aback by the amount of support all the boys show for one another and finds himself very much attracted to mystery boy "Roxas" as well as the mystery of the Hemingway mansion.

  • Troyler [boyxboy]
    241K 4.9K 36

    Bringing guy after guy to Tyler's room and Troye watching off in the distance was never what Tyler wanted to percieve. After Tyler's tragic rejection from Troye, a sudden, devious plan was all it took to generate the obstacles and drama between the two. No one would ever expect to be dragged into a puzzling, 'friends...

  • Troyler The Start of an OTP
    4.7K 125 10

    A fanfic about Troyler's secret love life. What will happen to the boys? Will the long distance tear them apart? Be aware might be triggering for some and includes self-harm.

  • Friends With Benefits: A Troyler Story
    504K 10.4K 19

    Troye wants experience and who better to help him than his best friend? Tyler has had feelings for Troye for a while and sees this arrangement as his only chance to be with him. Will two weeks of being friends with benefits bring them closer or tear them apart? *Smut Warning. Obviously. Look at the title. No triggeri...

  • Tylers Guilty Secret
    12.2K 241 11

  • A Troyler Story.
    146K 4.7K 20

    After a rough ending at Vidcon, how will Tyler and Troye react after ignoring each other for months?

  • Troyler
    660K 14.8K 27

    Tyler notices something strange is going on with Troye. *Trigger warning*