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  • The Shadows (Chronicles Of Narnia Fanfiction)
    3.1K 250 9

    "Well this isn't my bedroom." _ Sophie Woods thought that moving into her strange aunt's home was the worst possible thing her mother could do to her, until she discovers a hidden trapdoor under her bed. And with that, a magical world by the name of Narnia, that she thought only existed in her three favorite movies. O...

  • Travel (Doctor Who)
    10.9K 618 32

    Eva and her sister Autumn both are in the Fairy Tale administration. They can hop in, and out of books. Until one day, Eva gets a call saying that they can go into TV shows, but there may be defaults. Being the people they are, Eva and Autumn pick Doctor Who, straight off the bat. Eva thought it would be a piece of c...

  • Crystal Ball (TMR -The Maze Runner- )
    69.4K 2.7K 32

    Fangirl is the first word that pops into your head when you meet Alona (AKA Eva) Paige Smith. Ask her a question about a book, movie, or any fandom , and she'll answer it In a heartbeat. But what happens When Eva Is Put into one of her favorite books? Specifically, The Maze Runner. SEQUELS: SIDELINES AND TRAVEL IMPOR...

  • Sidelines (TMR & TDC) -The Maze Runner and The Death Cure
    32K 1.3K 34

    Eva's necklace can take her inside of books. Really. Last book she went to was The Scorch Trials. Before That? The Maze Runner. So what happens when she goes inside of The Death Cure, the one book that teared her apart? FIRST BOOK: CRYSTAL BALL THIRD BOOK: TRAVEL OTHER BOOKS IN FAIRY TALE SERIES: THE SHADOWS