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  • Chase's Book of YT One-Shots
    12.7K 518 23

    There's about a thousand of these lying around on WattPad. Let me know if you have a prompt or a request! For now, I'll just upload whatever I happen to write. This book is specifically for YT oneshots; another one-shot book may be appearing in the future for miscellaneous things. Happy reading! -Chase- word count to...

  • Gamer One-shots
    5.7K 234 7

    Random Youtube one-shots more around the gaming community. *Not including Seamexican or Zeroyalchaos I have separate books for those.

  • Wicked (MaskedMexican)
    16.8K 828 41

    This is actually a spin off story off of Diabolic showing Ohm and Gassy's story so make sure to check Diabolic out~ A traitor on the loose, the pressure of missions, and the Sergeant OhmWrecker, Captain Gassy can't get more stressed...

    Completed   Mature