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  • Live While We're Young (An Elounor Love Story) **UNDER CONSTRUCTION
    444K 7.1K 52

    Eleanor just got out of a messy relationship when she recieves a phone call from her best friend, Harry Styles. When she goes to visit him in London, she meets Louis Tomlinson. What is it about Louis that makes Eleanor's heart skip a beat? His laugh? His humor? His romantic side? Whatever it was, she finds herself fal...

  • With Or Without You
    5.5K 165 6

    Perrie & Zayn were friends before; but what happened to that? After being apart for a long period of time, they're brought together by managers to set up a plan for the fans; maybe something hidden before will be discovered.

  • Nobody Compares (a zerrie Fan-fiction)
    78.1K 2.2K 33

    You're so pretty when you cry when you cry Wasn't ready to hear you, say goodbye Now you're tearing me apart, tearing me apart You're tearing me apart. You're so London, your own style, your own style We're together it's so good, so girl why Are you tearing me apart, tearing me apart You're tearing me apart. Did I do...

  • Changing Perrie (Sequel to Saving Perrie)
    112K 3.1K 48

    Sequel to Saving Perrie! Perrie Edwards and the other members of Little Mix are on the road to fame! They're going out for hit TV singing show X Factor, little do they know just how much fame this will bring them. Will Perrie Edwards remain the same sweet girl from Bradford? Or will the fame destroy her happiness comp...

  • Saving Perrie (Completed)
    177K 5.9K 52

    17 year old Perrie Edwards is moving from Manhattan, New York all the way back to Bradford, England where she was born and hated as a little girl. Her mother is constantly on her case, making friends at school is hard, and boy drama couldn't get any worse. Perrie thinks her life is ruined, but is there happiness in a...

  • Young & Beautiful (Zerrie)
    24.5K 807 18

  • A Silver Lining
    89.1K 2.4K 16

    Cruel. Horrendous. Terrifying. Those were the three words that described him, yet the question still lingered. Why did I still love him? He was mysterious. He made me want to break his wall; his shield, get in to the real him. I had to. He was my silver lining.

  • Infatuated
    196K 3.6K 26

    He was really just the perfect man. A gentleman with a bit of a bad boy attitude in him. What more could I ask for?