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  • Supernatural Imagines
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    Other random characters to be shipped with

  • Sam Winchester's Daughter
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    Dean was always expected to knock up girls and probably have children...right? Yet, who knew Sammy had a little one night stand himself? Of course, he doesn't know until five years later when someone from his past shows up with something dangerous for the future...his daughter. ||I do not own any of the characters o...

  • Unexpected Twists (Supernatural Fanfic)
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    ***!!! THIS STORY IS UNFINISHED AND I WILL NOT BE FINISHING IT. SORRY. I JUST HATE IT !!!*** This is the story of Jocelyn Elwood. Now, Jocelyn used to be a pretty ordinary girl. Despite the fact that she was an orphan. She had a good childhood, she grew up very happy. She had tons of friends and the couple that ran th...

  • supernatural preferences
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    lucifer, gabriel, castiel, sam, and dean (i started adding charlie, balthazar, michael, and crowley)

  • Supernatural Preferences
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    The title says it all it will include Sam and Dean and Castiel and Crowley Lucifer Gabriel Chuck Henry and Adam. Taking requests :)

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    Dear Dean Sappy isn't it? Let me explain with letters. Read them carefully, okay? And promise this Dean. I never mean to hurt you. [dean winchester x oc] [no season - completed 30/12/15]

    Completed   Mature
  • Supernatural preferences
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    I'll be doing Sam, Dean, Cas, Bathazar, Michael, Gabriel, Crowley and lucifur. I'll also take requests :) (I'm in the process of editing because I was a shitty writing when I stared this book 😂)

  • Supernatural Imagines and preferences
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    Doing Imagines for Dean, Sam, Cas, Gabriel, Crowley, Lucifer, chuck and Balthazar *I dont own any supernatural characters*

  • Supernatural preferences
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    Supernatural oneshots/preferences with different characters from the show. Some chapters including several characters for the same scenario and others more descriptive with the focus of only one. Enjoy!

  • Supernatural Preferences
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    I will update as much as I can, hope you enjoy these preferences! :)

  • Supernatural Preferences
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    This will be all my preferences. Don't steal them. It'll be all from my imagination. So yeah, read them but don't take them :/ My preferences will be updated often. Every day or second day. So I hope you'll enjoy them :)

  • Supernatural Imagines
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    Just a bunch of random Imagines of different characters. Includes: -Castiel -Sam -Dean -Balthazar -Crowley -Kevin -And many more!

  • Supernatural Imagines
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    A book of Supernatural imagines in progress!

  • Supernatural Preferences
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    Supernatural preferences featuring: Sam, Dean, Cas, Adam, Kevin, Gabriel, Balthazar, Crowley, & Garth ***********ON HOLD************

  • Supernatural Preferences
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    Preferences for everyones favorite Hunters and Angel.

  • Supernatural Quotes
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    Each Chapter will be a different character. The quotes will be in no particular order, ranging from season 1 to season 11 (as it comes out). If there is a quote you'd like me to add you can message me or comment in the section for that character. Or if I am incorrect, please message me or comment with the proper phras...

  • Supernatural Preferences/One Shots
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    Compilation of Supernatural preferences. Form for one shots: Name: Guy: 2 personal characteristics (optional):

  • Winchesters sister
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    "Supernatural's not real. It's just a book."

  • Supernatural x Reader Oneshots
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    This is a compilation of many xReader stories with various Supernatural characters, written by myself. If anybody has suggestions, please go ahead and leave a comment on any chapter! Hope you enjoy reading. Also these are all one-shots however if y'all want I don't mind doing some that continue into each other. I'm t...

  • Supernatural X Reader
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    I TAKE REQUESTS. Some of these may be others and not mine! All credit goes to the original writers! I do write my own when given requests! Mainly fluffy. Enjoy! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Imminent
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    [Imminent; likely to occur at any moment; impending] Vanessa-Rachel Miles was a young girl when her family was taken from her. Held hostage. She was forced to grow up too fast. Left alone in her dark home, shaken and afraid, she turned to the one person she knew could never be taken from her. Bobby Singer. He was li...

  • The Winchesters Sister
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    What would happen if the Winchesters figured out they had a sister? Would they go find her or leave her to live her life? **going through extreme (and slow) editing**

  • Supernatural X Reader
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    I do most everything you will ask me to do! Except smut! Smut free zone!

  • Charlie Bradbury: S.H.I.E.L.D Agent {Charlie Bradbury Saves The Universe: Book One}
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    Charlie Bradbury was ready to die for her family. But the Universe wasn't ready to let her go yet. She has a destiny far greater than she could have ever imagined. It was time for her to become the hero she was always meant to be.

    1.3M 35.2K 111

    This is complete, I will not be updating this soon or ever. no request but feel free to read

    Completed   Mature
  • Supernatural Imagines & One Shots
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    My book of (insert reader) imagines. All written by yours truly. Characters include: Sam and Dean Winchester,Castiel, Gabriel, and more. Of course I don't own any of the characters, just the stories. The stories range from sad, to happy, to cutesy. Hope you enjoy

  • Heaven and Hell
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    Kasey Winchester is a detective that goes by the name Kasey Willet. She left the hunting life-and her brothers- a few years ago. She never expected to see them again, but she was wrong. When Sam and Dean show up at a crime scene, Kasey is shocked. She wants nothing to do with her brothers, but she needs to assist them...

  • Castiel X Reader
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    You never thought this would turn out the way it did....

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    Monsters are real. Everything is a nightmare, and Delaware Mags hunts them. Delaware meets two hunters, one that cannot part with the other, and the other addicted to demon blood. It's been a bumpy ride; Sam running off with a demon, trying to find Lilith and kill her, and then something goes horribly wrong and Lucife...

    Completed   Mature