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  • I Kind Of Hate You Too. (NARRY.)
    25.3K 771 13

    Niall Horan and Harry Styles hate each other. Okay, strongly dislike each other and they're willing to throw each other off the face of the earth, but what will happen when management makes them do everything together? Fans are upset at these two. They want them to be friends, the two don't think it will ever be possi...

  • Road Blues (Narry)
    4.8K 119 4

    When Harry says he likes adventures he doesn’t mean going through the wilderness of the Amazon forest or a storm in the Arctic. No sir. He wants a real adventure. Maybe a guitar or two. Maybe a friend. Maybe sunglasses and a headband. Maybe have someone who shares his interest equally as much. And maybe, just maybe, h...

  • A Narry one shot (One Direction FanFic)
    2.1K 19 2

    The title says it all(: dedicated to narryforever143 and narrylovr221.

  • Sleeping beauty (Narry AU minific)
    12.2K 184 5

    Ever been a slave to someone who makes you’re life a living hell. Ever Had to do things that will make you want to run and never come back even if it means never seeing light again. oh did i forget to mention i’m gay? and beaten by my fathers new wife. My name is Niall Horan and this is my story.

  • Coin-Operated Boy (Narry)
    296K 13.4K 22

    ❤Cover Made By slaymestoran❤ Niall Horan is finally at Uni but just like before, he's unlucky in love. He's got cool friends and he still can't catch a break. Until he stumbles upon a mysterious website that accidentily brings a cute, cheeky life-like robot bloke into his life. It's an accident and it freaks him out...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Let Me Love You - (Narry)
    1.8M 48.3K 47

    Harry is a jock, simple as that. He has always been the guy who every other person in the school wishes they were. He is living the 'good life' with his two best friends Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, plus he has all the girls wrapped around his finger. His life revolves around his perfect, straight boy jock image...

  • I Have You [Narry One-Shot]
    2.4K 46 1

  • Wounded (Narry Storan/One Direction [boyxboy])
    3.9K 54 2

    [boyxboy Material! Don't read it you don't like this stuff!] Harry Styles moves to Mullingar. Fresh start, says his mother. He's got a troubled past that has caused him to recoil into a shell, not letting anyone in. Except when a cheery, happy, lovable, carefree blonde boy comes into the picture, what will happen? Har...

  • Memories (Narry Fan-Fic)
    3K 103 12

    Harry and Niall expose their love in a new way. But what happens when they both kiss? What happens when they start dating? Is everything going to be normal or different? But the most important and interesting thing is that, Unfortunately, Niall, innocent cute Niall, is in a car accident? Will it affect Harry and Niall...

  • Irresistible
    115K 2.5K 34

    *NOT FAMOUS* Harry is a hybrid-cat; he has certain feline characteristics that are easy to hide most of the time. But when Niall moves into Doncaster, his inner kitty wants to come out and play.

  • Snowflakes (Narry, Nouis, Niam, Ziall//boyxboy)
    38.2K 715 14

    No two snowflakes are exactly alike and neither are people. It is Winter Break for the students of Mullingar, Ireland, and Niall Horan is on his way to London for the holidays. Niall is a seventeen year old junior in high school who lives in Ireland with his father and older brother, Greg, but when the holidays come a...

  • Taken (Narry boyXboy)
    606K 16.2K 53

    19 year old Niall Horan has never been to hell until he's kidnapped by the notorious gang One Direction. They're drug dealers, bank robbers, and the worst kind of criminal, murderers. They have only ever kidnapped important men and women so why was he of all people taken? Harry Styles is one of the infamous four. He...

  • Fresh News - Narry Storan AU {Permanent Hiatus}
    44.6K 953 18

    What will new school reporter Niall Horan discover? Will he find out the most popular boy in school's secret? When he interviews Harry Styles, will he get more than he bargained for?

  • I Didn't Know I Love You So Much (NIAM BOYXBOY)
    3.3K 36 1

    Niall has been a target of Bullying as long as he could remember, and Liam was his biggest threat. Niall is at the point he finds little joy in anything anymore. Liam has it all, hes popular, good looks, tons of friends, and for some sick reason feels the need to torment Niall, on a regular basis When the two are for...

  • Without You - Niam Horayne
    783K 21.6K 35

    Niall Horan, famous member of One Direction, has been missing for almost a month. Without him, Liam is lost and pulled apart by his disappearance. Liam never even got to tell Niall how he truly feels about him. But when Niall suddenly turns up out of the blue, seemingly fine, Liam has to figure out why Niall left, and...

  • Maybe I Can Be Your Superman (Narry)
    5.1K 110 6

    Harry Styles is just a regular 17 year old boy from Homes Chapel. Holmes Chapel has always been boring and dull. Harry practically could call his life a routine, it’s always the same old thing. Harry yearns for excitement and adventure in his life. When a certain someone or something comes into his life, he just might...

  • Love Is Forever (Narry) Sequel to 'Right Next To You'
    560K 16.1K 34

    SEQUEL TO RIGHT NEXT TO YOU: What can you say, when you love someone so much it hurts? You promise to be with them forever and you know that you will stick to that promise. My name is Harry Styles, yeah thee Harry Styles and I am engaged to my best mate. Only problem, we can't seem to agree on even the littlest things...

  • Hopeless (Narry Storan)
    32.8K 857 17

    What happens when the person you love doesn't love you back? Normally people would eventually move on. Not in this case. Niall decides to try and help Harry move on and possibly be able to win Louis back. When hearts get confused as to who they belong to and bonds are formed amoung the most unusual of circumstances, w...

  • I Knew You Were Trouble - Narry/Ziall AU fanfic *COMPLETED*
    1.4M 30.9K 47

    Niall Horan is the only gay guy in his school, and when he came out, the whole school (save for his best mate Liam Payne) turned against him. Double Trouble is the name of the group that tortures him daily - this group consists of the gorgeous but evil step-brothers, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. They come up with a sc...

  • Larry? I think you mean Narry.
    699K 10.6K 37

    Harry Edward Styles + Niall James Horan = Narry Storan, god i feel like a 14 year old girl, but i do like the sound of that, Narry? Hmm, If only Niall James Horan knew how much I, Harry Edward Styles, was in love with him. Would things change? would he hate me? would he love me? I dont know, and im scared to find out...