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  • Nature Boy
    1.2K 68 5

    Tell me, Viola, have you seen the Nature Boy? Tell me, Viola, have his doe eyes found yours? Tell me, Viola, why do you tempt the beast? Tell me, Viola, why does he stand at my bedside and watch? Ah, but Viola, I've forgotten: he's taken your voice for the chimes in his garden, and soon, he'll take...

  • Midday's Night [The Tale of Terrabula, Book I]
    1.3K 219 28

    The kingdom of Terrabula is at unrest. Somewhere, deep in the southernmost part of the land, buried below the earth, is a group of rebels ready to take down the country's tyrannical reign. Aboveground, the queen rules with chaos and fear, feeding off the fear of her subjects. But Terrabula is running out of time; as e...

  • Author Games Compilation [Cycle 1]
    7.6K 718 187

    This book is comprised of the responses my tributes from Author Games (Hunger Games based writing competitions) have towards each task. Each entry, and an epilogue, will be included in here, as well as any other short stories I may decide to add in for fun. If you'd like to see the entire Games with the rules and oth...

  • Totally Tessa
    491 71 15

    The life of a girl named Sarah, who pretended to be a girl named Tess, who is super sorry, but also super loves all y'all. Also, cats. I have so gosh darn many now.