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  • kakak tingkat +mark lee
    41.9K 6.5K 7

    ketika mahasiswa semester satu pacaran sama kakak tingkatnya. [inspired from mark lee - au by hanbingsoo]

  • Letter [MinRene] | Completed
    108K 13.8K 22

    Bahasa Indonesia; In which a guy accidentally messed his relationship with his dearest girlfriend. ✐ Daily update. ✐ Ficlet. ✐ Started: July 31, 2016. ✐ Ended: September 11, 2016. ✐ Plot credits to @-hyungnim ✐ Achievement: #457 in Fanfiction (091416) ; #284 in Fanfiction (091916) ; #251 in Fanfiction (092016)

  • Crossing the Line (Winner & Red Velvet)
    86K 3.3K 23

    Winner think Red Velvet is a piece of cake. Red Velvet say Winner is a bunch of losers. They built a line between each other they thought they wouldn't cross ever. But the line was not something they promised not to cross, they just said it. And by saying, the possibility for them to cross is big. And they crossed it...

  • Memories with Hanbin ➸ 한빈
    18.9K 2.9K 21

    Kim Dahyun, let's not fall in love with each other. © 2016, kim hanbin's fanfiction by evita.