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  • What if...
    32K 952 73

    ...There was a physical anime world that you could enter into? You could push through the barrier and be transformed into an anime character. Time there is much like time in Narnia, which grants the very happy fan years of play time in their favorite anime or manga. The main character of this story discovers exactly t...

  • Hetalia Chat Room
    2.4M 93.6K 131

    What happens when the countries have a online chat room? Bad stuff.. Really really bad stuff. /////copy right to Maurieller, give credit for any content taken\\\\\\

  • Shower Time Tino *Hetalia one shot*
    44.8K 863 11

    Idea:What happens when Tino interupts Sverige's shower? Be prepared to find out. Rated M at the most. Smut; Yaoi *Boyxboy*; Sufin; Sweden; Finland; Lemon; aph; Hetalia; Drama Cds; *fangirl's eratic screams* ****UPDATE*** Okay, this was originally for Sufin only but now I'm thinking of adding more. So haha just be prep...

  • 2p! Hetalia x Reader Lemons (Requests closed)
    252K 2.7K 8

    They're lemons for all of your country loving needs

  • Loving Germany~ (discontinued)
    475K 20.8K 62

    And in the end, we were all just humans...Drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness. #LovingGermany

  • Hetalia Fact Book
    253K 10.5K 57

    Facts on Hetalia Some of these facts are based on real facts on the anime or just theories??? !!!!! (Probably not continuing this book but please don't attack me for it. I kinda wanna move onto new things.) !!!! Note: I do not own Hetalia or it's content, It belongs to it's respective owners

  • Rules of Hetalia:
    1.1M 68.9K 165

    This is basically a list of things to avoid for Hetalians, which I honestly didn't expect to get so many reads. Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia (that'd be pretty awesome if I did though.) Warning: adult themes, possible violence, slight sexual content, little bit of yaoi implied, and swear words. ... But, if you've...

  • Wishing For A Change. SpaMano (Warning: 2pSpain)
    5.6K 246 7

    When Romano accidentally makes a wish to change Spain's personality, he summons Spain's 2p side. What will he do? Will he ever see his Spain again? Or will he be gone forever? (Bad summary -_- I have no talent whatsoever for these things...)

  • FanFic Clichés
    13.5K 756 7

    A bunch of shit that is always in Fanfictions, that I read, that sometimes pisses me off. More like 3/4 the time. Plus another 1/4. ...

  • Hetalia Songs English Lyrics
    20K 492 52

    Title says it all. ( ̄Д ̄)ノ If you use my lyrics, please give me credit! {If they're mine, of course~} *If you have any requests, I'd be glad to try and translate them into singable english versions!* **Lyrics are mine unless i say so otherwise** ***Currently working on*** Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo Hatafutte Parade (Romano)...

  • Tears of a sunflower
    6.5K 224 36

    A Russia x reader for your enjoyment. Warning;may cause cuteness explosions. No lemons or smut at the current time but if some shows up ill warn you. At one point it will get a little gory but ill put a warning for that too. some cursing and stuff but not to terribly much. im going to update every three or so days and...

  • Fanon VS Canon
    127K 9.4K 37

    How fans see and write the character(s) VS How the character actually is in canon.

  • How To Annoy The Hetalia Characters!
    553K 22.1K 44

    Based on Hogwarts Rules. I am not responsible for anything which happens to you should you do these things, this includes starting ww3, being deported and banned from said country or being kicked out of the World Meetings/Hetalia High. This book is high. (High I'm so high. Fly, fly to the sky...)

  • ☆☆Hetalian Problems☆☆
    191K 17.1K 158

    SO. Here are some problems of being in the Hetalia Fandom. Many....many problems... WELL. I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY KAWAII CHIBIS. Ciao~ Edit: PLEASE DO NOT SPAM ME IT GETS ANNOYING AFTER A WHILE,,, SORRY IF I SOUND RUDE

  • Parents react to Hetalia Characters
    327K 16.7K 38

    So, basically, I got my parents and my grandma to react to tons of Hetalia characters. WARNING-THESE ARE HILARIOUSLY TRUE AND YOU WILL LAUGH!!! *these are 100% my parents real reactions. I've done no editing, no switching words around to make it funnier, nothing. I have the voice recordings to prove it.*

  • Hetalia & Google Translate
    52K 2.6K 10

    Hetalia songs and lines translated into English by the wonderful Google Translate.

  • Hetalia quotes!
    447K 26.6K 81

    Warning: The following quotes are from Hetalia. If you do not know what this is, you should go look it up on kiss anime. And obviously, I don't NOT own Hetalia! You have just been warned by Romano > . >

  • You're A Hetalia Fan If...
    1.5M 109K 170

    The title is pretty self explanatory I guess. Welcome to my trashcan. I'm sorry but it appears you're 100% Hetalian. There's no turning back now Hetalia: Countries have never been so different