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  • Hetalia Chatroom
    79.6K 6K 168

    Poland introduces Lithuania to a special chatroom where countries can communicate online... Read this crack filled, crazy tale only written in chatroom form. I do not own Hetalia. The art in the cover does not belong to me. Yep, that about sums it up.

  • Switched?! Sufin/Dennor
    52.5K 1.9K 14

    Denmark and Sweden are complete opposites. Sweden is quiet, calm, and (somewhat) expressionless. Denmark is loud, extremely expressive, and can be a little dramatic. Their personalities mixing perfectly with their lovers, Finland and Norway. But what would happen if the two were to switch bodies for a month? How will...

  • The Day After The End (OLD)
    5.6K 495 15

    On hiatus. (Takes place after the True Pacifist ending) The barrier has been broken and all the monsters were free from the Underground. Most of the monsters have began to pack for the trip to the surface, but some monsters stayed behind afraid of the discrimination the humans would throw at them. Toriel is one of th...

  • A Waltz in the Dark (Norway + OC Hetalia fanfiction)
    83.8K 4K 67

    Professor Lukas Bondevik, tormented by a patronizing ghost, meets Mary, an American abroad student. "I'd cut my soul into a million different pieces Just to form a constellation to light your way home I'd write love poems To the parts of yourself You can't stand I'd stand in the shadows of your heart And tell you I'm...

  • Second Chance (A Hetalia Fanfic)
    78K 3.9K 20

    When fourteen year old Andrea Davis passes away because of cancer, she discovers from a mysterious angel and a certain Flying Mint Bunny that she will get a second chance in life, in the Hetalia world. Why? So that she could learn to be a kid again, one that isn't stuck in a hospital 24/7.

  • 50 States of Mind ~ Hetalia Fanfic
    148K 2.7K 40

    When America's boss orders a school for the states, all hell breaks loose in the USA as countries become the teachers of the states! Despite the panic, things seem to be going well enough in the States... until a sudden change of events forces the countries and states into a confrontation with a new enemy! Romance and...

  • Hetalia Lemons
    80K 843 4

    Hello it is I 20ur13m0n2, I bring forth good lemons, Shhhhh say no more child, Please make requests on this page, I will try to make as many as possible. Also this is a +18 book if you didn't know, but hey I can't really judge you anyway... Now let the dirty fangirling begin ^_^)) Taking requests on first chapter!

  • Wait, There's THREE Losers?! A PruAus, PruIta, and PruMano.
    1.4K 60 2

    Prussia has just been established as his own country. But due to his immature antics, he will be subject to the whims of three different moody tutors who are responsible to teach him the proper way to act as a country. But at the tutoring sessions, the new country tends to keep finding himself in potentially romantic...

  • Teenage Dream {HongIce}
    56.7K 3K 30

    Emil was struggling to keep himself together. He'd lost almost everything and only had his older brother, Lukas, left. What's worse is that he blames himself for everything that has happened. At the moment, everything seems pretty bleak for Emil; no friends, only a third of his family remaining, tendencies to wish he...

  • Egypt x Reader - My Prince
    3.2K 76 2

  • Intractable Emotion. (A GerIta fanfic)
    164K 6K 36

    As Ludwig and Feliciano become closer, Ludwig starts to realize that he might feel more for the small country than just friendship. But, when Feliciano is oblivious for Ludwig's lust for him and clings to him like a child, will Germany be able to control his feelings for him, or will he have to seclude Italy out of hi...

  • Sisters and Friends Taken by Hetalia
    18K 1.5K 67

    Jenny and Becky. Bestfriends. Sisters till the end. Knows everything about the other. Polar opposites. Jenny the tomboy. She never wears skirts just cutoff shirts and athletic shorts. That go down to her knees. Her hair is a long mess. She's never serious with anything and can't concentrate on something before gettin...

  • Lithuania x reader x Poland: WTF just happened
    15K 594 17

    It's not gay when it's a three way Cover by @Flowerpower020

  • What is Love? (Liechtenstein x fem!reader)
    8.4K 472 21

    You've been in love with Vash Zwingili for as long as you can remember. And finally-FINALLY-you have a chance to be with him when his little sister Lilli offers to set you up with him. But as time goes by and your friendship develops, things get complicated. And by things, I mean feelings.

  • Various X Reader
    3.4M 88.3K 246

    They title says it all. It has characters from all sorts of shows, series, games, movies, celebrities, YouTubers.

  • Australia x New Zealand x Wy
    728 18 2

  • Marukaite Neko-chan! (Hetalia × Neko!Reader)
    31.7K 1.2K 19

    ____ is your everyday human being - but she has one little secret. When waking up from a mysterious dream to find herself covered in fur, she goes on a wacky adventure to find someone who can help change her back. Will she live her nine lives to the fullest, or will it just be another CATastrophy for this street cat? ...