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  • Toxic (18+)
    6.8K 240 3

    WARNING: Meant for mature audiences, read at your own discretion. "Stop. Don't look at me that way. I'm not staying Ryan. Not this time." I pulled my suitcase from the bed to the ground, feeling a hollowness in my chest. Then all of it happened too sudden for me to even realize. I was pushed back and I was free-falli...

  • Bumpy Ride | 18+
    4.3M 9.2K 2

    MATURE - EROTIC Amelia had a cliché love for her best friend, a love that you read so much about in other romance novels. The difference though? One journey changed her cliché feelings to an accidental passion of lust and temptations. Their story isn't based on puppy love but pure, primal sex drive between two best f...

  • Unexplored Fantasies (18+)
    313K 179 1

    Unexplored Fantasies (18+) - Sexy one shots Fair warning : It has mature contemnt, crude language and all things good girls, shouldn't read. But come on every good girl is just a bad girl who hasn't been caught yet. Am I not right? ;) "Do you want me to touch you down there?" "Isn't it obvious?" By FastAndDeep Cover...