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  • Intrude (18+)
    8.3K 118 3

    • Mature Content - Not meant for audience under the age of 18. • ~ A story in which limits of love are tested in cruel ways. ~ ¶ I look at you while you bathe and I look at you while you dress. I look at you when your are uncertain and I look at you when you are perplexed. You know I love you babe, don't believe what...

  • Bumpy Ride | 18+
    4M 65K 16

    • COMING DOWN ON THE 20TH OF DECEMBER FOR EDITED CHAPTERS TO BE POSTED. • MATURE - EROTIC Amelia had a cliché love for her best friend, a love that you read so much about in other romance novels. The difference though? One journey changed her cliché feelings to an accidental passion of lust and temptations. Their sto...

  • Unexplored Fantasies (18+)
    268K 2.9K 4

    Unexplored Fantasies (18+) - Sexy one shots Fair warning : It has mature contemnt, crude language and all things good girls, shouldn't read. But come on every good girl is just a bad girl who hasn't been caught yet. Am I not right? ;) "Do you want me to touch you down there?" "Isn't it obvious?" By FastAndDeep Cover...

  • Devil's Desire (18+)
    65.2K 1.4K 10

    ※Devil※ The supreme spirit of Evil; Satan. ●※● Trying to escape her past, Ava stumbles into a lonely city, Vambrose. Three days in the city and she found herself sitting on an empty bench in the middle of nowhere , hungry and out of money. Then comes her hero, Derrick Roshello (aka Dick ) who manipulates her with foo...