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  • The sexy type(OHSHC)
    102K 2.2K 54

    Koyuki is the new girl in ouran she becomes friends with haruhi fujioka what happens when she meets a certain host club that drives her crazy and her so called ( cousin ) is in love with her but a certain host has an eye for her and doesn't like the way her cousin shows affection towards her kyoyaxoc DISCLAIMER I DO N...

    Completed   Mature
  • Playing By The Rules
    9.6M 40.7K 41

    2016 Wattys Award Winner - Collector's Edition A #1 Ranked Teen Fic Novel A Wattpad Featured Novel On the ice, Caleb Dawson is unstoppable. With prodigious talents, Caleb is easily one of the best teenage hockey players in America. There is no doubt that Caleb will become the next greatest star on ice. The only proble...

  • Alpha Daniel | astera22
    12.4M 350K 40

    "Be careful, sweetheart. I can make you scream my name right now if only I wanted to. And it wouldn't be screams of fear or pain; it would be screams of pleasure you've never experienced before." His hands are on either side of my body as I stand against the wall, the cool surface adding to the shivers that already r...

    Completed   Mature
  • The new demigod's quest
    8.7K 201 29

    I didn't really think of myself as an extra special person. I didn't look in the mirror and see a girl with extraordinary powers, I would see a girl with a face full of curiosity and confidence, but nothing too special. So how did I get sucked into all of these problems? Well, see for yourself. Paige Ross is a 14...

  • With the Gang Leader
    4M 107K 47

    She was beautiful, smart, quiet, intelligent, creative and generous. She was everything her father not expected her to be. Being the daughter of a gang leader, she should have been the ruthless bad girl but she turned out to be the exact opposite. He, on the other end, had everything of a gang leader's vibe. He was...

  • Loving The Shadows (A Nico di Angelo Love story)
    246K 8K 34

    My name is Alex Jackson. Yes. I am a Jackson. Yet I don't find that fact important. This is important: Only the Olympian know of my existence, and a few living demigods, who let's just say the gods prefer dead. One other person knows: Nico di Angelo. The Son of Hades The one I never thought I would fall for.

  • Trying to Remember (A Percy Jackson Fan Fiction[Nico di Angelo])
    51.1K 1.9K 47

    Crista Sorrento is the daughter of Athena and Andrew Sorrento. She's Deadly for excusable reasons. One is because she was supposed to be dead but she was given a second chance at life, along with the gift of every major god. Now she's dead set on her decision to make someone from her past remember who she is. This is...

  • A Little Crazy
    1.4M 35.5K 12

    He's the new mysterious tenant across the street. She's spent her entire life here. Can he convince her that life isn't a place, but what you keep with you? [Thank you for reading! Just a note that later chapters of A Little Crazy will contain content that is suitable for a mature audience. HAPPY READING! - Christina...

  • The Black Foxes (LLFTX)
    24.2K 821 31

    Ever woken up in the middle of the night to find 4 guys in your bedroom? I bet you haven't. Ayane Ryosuke is the granddaughter of the japanese Da vinci. After joining the black foxes and going through a wirl wind of adventure she slowly falls in love with the unlikely hacker. I wonder what will happen..... $$$$$$$$$$$...

    Completed   Mature
  • Werewolf Queen
    6K 209 42

    this story is about a high school girl named Jade, just figures out that she's not only a werewolf but a werewolf queen. Throughout the story she makes new friends that soon becomes her pack and she meets the love of her life Prince... Not only is she dealing with her own life of being a regular teenage girl, but she'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nightmares in Heaven (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    28.9K 607 5

    Nico is in love with Persephone Jackson. He is in love with her but is too scared to say anything. Find out what happens when he hears a scream coming from the Poseidon cabin and he goes to check it out. A small story and a couple one-shots about others finding out. Complete unless I have any idea for another one...

  • My Thief (LLFTX fanfic)
    17.8K 487 29

    Kazumi Akiyama goes to a restaurant called Le Renard Noir. Or The Black Fox. Later she gets a note. "We Are Coming For You Tonight" How will Kazumi survive this?!?

  • The Beast
    51.7M 1.7M 57

    To the world he was a beast but for her he would do anything. He could have the world but all he wanted was her. They say the things we want most are the things we can't have. For she was so afraid of him that even the thought of him could have her running for the hills. Little did she know that she was the only one w...

  • The Missing Princess (A Be My Princess Fanfiction) (COMPLETED)
    55.6K 1.2K 29

    Princess Mikayla Shieru, being chased out from Kingdom Ukari thirteen years ago by the king himself. The reason? No one knows! A help from Karin, she starts a new life and become a successful pilot. Thirteen years later, she must serve the six princes a private flight. A sudden twist reveals her identity. Will she go...

  • Humanity Semester 2: Earth ( A Kaganuki No Asobi Fanfiction)
    643 9 9

    After Yui and her older sister, Jane graduate with the gods, they return home to their older sister, Phoenix. They go back to school, and being under Phoenix's care. Due to their home life, Phoenix works hard at work and doing housework. She doesn't have enough time to spend with her sisters. Yui and Jane get's ex...

  • Teen Mermaid Me
    214K 6.8K 26

    Crystal Collins is hated by some, and admired and envyed by others for her looks. She is the typical teenager-loves hanging out with her friends, pranks her older brother (and gets pranked too), and has a crush on the hottest boy in her school. But she has a secret-she's a mermaid, and when she finds out that she's ad...

  • The daughter of the gods❤
    58.6K 1.3K 10

    What would happen if you had six Olympian gods for parents? Syrena is that girl. After living her whole life in Olympus, Camp Half-Blood is a big adventure for her. At last she has the chance to experience lots of new things. Maybe even Love. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they belong to Rick Riordan...

  • Now A Queen
    369K 11.6K 48

    Annabella has had a rough life, her father decided it would be best if she lived with her mother, but that was the worst decision ever. Annabella has been getting abused verbally and physically by the people whom supposed to cherish and love her. She found out that the soon-to-be Alpha Travis Dunnington was her mate...

  • My Brother's Roommate
    15.9M 238K 21

    ***** MATURE CONTENT**** WARNING!! RATED R 18+ only This is a short, to the point book. I didn't want a lot of background and details. Just a satisfying quick read He is the definition of sex. Dark features, gauged ears, tattoos, and attitude. He makes my body come alive with just his eyes. I wonder what he could do...

    Completed   Mature
  • Breaking The Bad Boy (Completed)
    49.3M 1.6M 74

    Ashley Martin has been through more grief than a person experiences in their entire life and carries baggage that no kid should ever entail. Tyler Miller is the school's scandalous bad boy who acts on impulse, blinded rage and will single-handedly destroy anybody who stands in his way. Then all of a sudden, they're th...

  • The Yakuza Flower
    336K 8.4K 32

    What happens when Ritsu Kasanoda's older sister decides to visit him at school? How will the host club react to the bit of information? read and lets see

  • Reaching her heart
    363K 11.4K 23

    *****MATURE CONTENT***** Annabelle is a beautiful woman (35-40yrs old) who struggles to let people in. A single mom that's always put her family first but then fate throws her into Henry and Matt's arms and into a world she is unfamiliar with. With them, and her friends Hazel and Esmay by her side can she finally let...

    Completed   Mature
  • Apollo's Muse
    51.8K 2.6K 35

    When disturbing dreams haunt the mind of a fragile girl, she doesn't take into account the power of the mysterious boy next door. Her illness becomes a binding force for their friendship, and the fight for life slowly develops into a powerful aphrodisiac. But when events start spiraling out of control, Candice is face...

  • The Vet & The Wolf
    151K 5.8K 48

    This is not your average story it's not boy meets girl and fall in love. It is more like girl moves to a small town who happens to be a vet. And this town is full of wolves. follow the three main characters, Chrysanthe, Michael and Forest. ~*~ The third book of the Soul Mate Series. Check out the first two. Book 1 B...

  • Star Crossed Myth: The Sweet & The Sexy
    8.3K 209 7

    Ariana Hanasaki, a freshmen in college, is told by one of her classmates that her sign had luck in love which she always wanted. That night, she does meet the "right guy" but he is a god! He takes her to the Department of Punishments and had her meet some gods who tell her that she was a former goddess. She is very co...

  • You Were a Thief, You Stole My Heart
    1.1K 31 3

    Voltage Inc, MPD Close To You Fanfiction. Hiroshi Kirisawa finds himself chasing the Black Foxes, but what happens when he gets captured by the mafia and has to work with one of the thieves to get out? (originally posted on tumblr) Characters other than my OC are property of Voltage Inc. I own nothing.

  • Sea of Monsters - My Way
    861 23 18

    Percy Jackson and Claira Vega are at it again. Going on quests and saving the world. But this time it gets a little... monstrous... :P

  • Percy Jackson: The New Half-Blood
    6.1K 368 15

    IN THE PROCESS OF BEING RE-WRITTEN Otrera Hanji is just your average high school student, okay no, I take that back. I don't think normal high school students get kicked out of any school they go to EVERY YEAR! I also don't think that normal students witness their best-and only-friend get thrown into a wall by a mythi...

  • When Worlds Collide (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Twilight Crossover)
    151K 3.9K 23

    "Bella, we have a second child, a human one. What should we do with it?" Edward asked Bella. "Get rid of it Rosalie, she isn't Edwards daughter, she is a demigod but I don't know her father. Or you can have it if you want." Bella said to Rosalie. Rosalie looked disgusted at Bella's decision to get rid of the beautiful...