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  • Black Lives Matter
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    This is an informative book about the latest cases we have discovered as well as our statement in encouragement to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

  • What Is #ProjectBlackBoys?
    1.7K 182 5

    Welcome to #Projectblackboys! Please check out our campaigns book!

  • Our Playlist
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    This is a book for those who want to centre their books and chapters on a song. Make sure you check out the playlist! To find out the latest hits! Enjoy. Highest Rank: #75 in Non Fiction

  • News & Updates
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    This is a book where our news and updates will be published in this book so if you want to be notified please make sure that you add this book to your libraries!

  • What Is #SaveBlackCharacters? [completed]
    5.1K 435 6

    Confused about #SaveBlackCharacters come in and check out the book. If there is any questions ask and your answers will be answered here!

  • Millionaires
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    This is a short poem describing some of the issues that many black males face and teaching them self worth ✊

  • Music
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    The feeling of vibrations