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  • The Museum of Abandoned Streets
    1.3K 221 9

    Featured at @WattpadPoetry [21/01/19] A collection of poems reflecting the indigenous culture of Pakistan, and somehow sub-continent, which can be read by readers from all over the world. © f a t i m a | 2019

  • The Words Of Agony✔
    6.8K 1.4K 100

    [Highest Rank #1 in Selfwritten] Collection of Poems and Writings written by me.

  • Buried Emotions
    1.2K 309 11

    sometimes I just want to speak my heart out , and indeed poetry is the best way of speaking one's heart out. This is collection of my poems . I hope you like it . Cover credits @AuroraBorealis9. Thanks for the amazing cover.

  • un • ravel | poetry
    1.3K 253 23

    he was made of a solar substance so splendid and sumptuous that ethereal stars envied his everlasting existence

  • Recollections | Poetry |
    1.8K 316 40

    * FEATURED BY WP POETRY AND AMBASSADORSPK * This is a collection of poems and songs that I love to write whenever I get the chance. I'm sure that these will touch your heart and soul no doubt.

  • serendipity
    230K 31K 64

    ranked #1 in poetry - july 3rd 2018 somewhat mix of poetry about self love, depression, real beauty, happiness, true love, past mistakes and much more. no it does not rhyme and you might cry. enjoy ♡

  • Catastrophe
    989 92 38

    Solace and peace those words unknown to me, Chaos in my existence thoughts and mind, I portray them through my words, On the brink of losing myself, Held by a thread with sanity, I am falling toward this Catastrophe...! ¤ I have blended the amalgamation of my chaotic thoughts and remaining sanity; weaved them in words...

  • My Diary Of Poetry
    1.7K 354 23

    These are my own poetry. If you are interested in it then vote for it after reading it. "Write for yourself not for others." Started on: 9/3/2018

  • Koi Na Janey
    899 159 12

    LoveFromPakistan Meri Tooti phooti Shyri