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  • SciKick Advice Book
    650 41 3

    Sci-fi stories are intricate worlds that take their readers to another time, place, and even universe. So how do you make them the best they can possibly be? The SciKick authors are back and bringing you their best advice on how to make your sci-fi (or any) stories as good as they can be. From world-building to someth...

  • The Path
    19K 927 10

    Alice found a path, one that somehow led her back to 1942, to a country fighting for its survival, and to Gil. But Alice couldn't stay. Back in 2012, she has found and lost Gil all over again. She made him a promise, one she will do anything to keep. Now she just has to find that path again. When something unbe...

  • The Numbered
    5.5M 209K 76

    Imagine the second you're born, a consultant removes you from your mother's grasp and runs a battery of genetic and physiological tests on you. Thirty minutes later they give you a score out of one hundred which denotes your level of perfection. If your score is above eighty and you work hard to maintain that score yo...

  • The Unsound Theory (STAR Academy Book 1 EXCERPT)
    123K 961 6

    Yalena Russo, your STAR Academy invitation has arrived. Unlike other teenagers across the near worlds, Yalena isn't space-crazed. But a surprise invitation to join the exclusive STAR Academy opens a window to her unknown origins, making her ponder... What if space is where she belongs? Mystified by the leadership trio...

  • The Cyborg's Daughter
    92.6K 10.4K 42

    The robots rule earth. The girl only known as reject #5642 doesn't own her name, she doesn't own her body and she doesn't see a future on the artificial island she grew up on. After a chance encounter with a new reject-boy and unearthing her true mother's slave collar, she is lead on a path to discover more about he...

  • I'm a Cyborg's Pet (girlXcyborg)
    1.9M 129K 123

    Feisty, Jenny Banks lives a dystopian nightmare as a robot uprising run by dark AI (Artificial Intelligences) takes over the world. Captured and slave collared by robots, Jenny is sent to slave school and then sold to the notorious but mysterious cyborg called Lord Rockwood. Can she survive being 'up cycled' as a pe...

  • Holokeys [Inspired by GE's Adventures into the Future]
    1K 53 1

    What makes the perfect heist? 3/4 cup of technology 2 tablespoons of college students 1/3 cup college professor 2 cups of science My entry for the General Electric #AdventuresinScience Highest ranking #753 in Science Fiction Cover by Emma G. Jenkins

  • The Divide (Soldiers of the Earth Book 1)
    394K 19.8K 41

    It's 2028, and Earth has been under attack by an alien species for two years. This human-like alien species, called Emigres, left their planet to start over after ruining it with constant nuclear war. Looking much like us, the only physical difference between humans and Emigres are that the Emigres have violet eyes. A...

  • Altered Earth (Soldiers of the Earth Book 2)
    26.9K 1.7K 15

    Rachel Collins has achieved what she originally set out for, but she's discovering that her fight is far from over. Months have passed with no news of her sister Mary's whereabouts or any type of plan to rescue her captured friends. The more she finds herself breaking down, the further she finds herself from the answe...

  • Pentalements [COMPLETED]
    56.2K 3.4K 31

    When five normal teenagers are cursed with the Elements of the Pentagon, they suddenly find themselves wielded with the most powerful weapon they could have ever imagined—they can destroy the world. Gathered under the evil scheming of Professor Vladislav, the Pentalements will only need the cosmic energy radiated from...

  • The Obelisk
    3.6K 359 5

    In this harrowing near-future short story, you can read about how a single mistake caused the extinction of the human race. I got the inspiration for this book from a website called You guys should really go check out their site. They've got some really mind-blowing stuff written there.

  • Someone's In My Head (WATTYS AWARD WINNER 2015)
    848K 36.9K 53

    BOOK ONE OF THE WICKERNHAM TRILOGY - WATTYS AWARD WINNER - - #1 IN SCIENCE FICTION - After a close brush with death, Jarod ends up in a hospital, traumatized but alive. He thinks he is lucky to get off with minor injuries, but he soon realizes that something is wrong when he starts behaving abnormally. Eventu...

  • Enhancement
    2.3M 126K 101

    Welcome to the nation. Welcome to the place where everything is monitored... everything is portioned... everything is perfectly under control... Everything except the SkyTrain Holland Renner was aboard. In a matter of seconds, Holland finds herself in a world she didn't know existed. Before, she was free within limits...

  • Stories of the Deathless
    6K 558 12

    From the author of THE BLAST and THE DEATHLESS TRILOGY comes a book of short stories about the Deathless characters whose stories deserve to be told. This book features stories focused on the trilogy's secondary characters, providing insight into how they became the people we meet in THE DEATHLESS TRILOGY.

  • The Blast (Watty Winner 2014)
    340K 12.8K 26

    Now available in its entirety through Amazon and Lulu! After a series of atomic blasts force Beatrice Hicks and her family into their prepper bunker, they emerge to discover they are among the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse. Fighting against rogue groups and coping with deaths are just some of the adjustments Beatr...

  • They Are Monsters (Deathless Trilogy, #2)
    85.8K 7.3K 36

    The second book in the Deathless Trilogy! When Isla Blume wakes up to find herself in an unfamiliar place without the rest of the Deathless or any way of contacting them, she will have to find the courage and self-confidence to become the hero an entire estate of people need her to be. But as Nietzsche said, "Whoever...

  • The Deathless Trilogy
    378K 25.7K 118

    Seventeen-year-old botanist Isla Blume believes every life deserves a chance to survive, even in the apocalypse. So when collector droids kidnap her mom, she knows she has to fight back to save her life. No one returns from being collected, not even her boyfriend Daniel, and after a failed attempt to combat the droids...

  • The Truth Hunters (STAR Academy Book 2)
    81.2K 432 3

    Yalena Russo, peace was never an option. Pushed out of the spotlight and into obedience, Yalena returns to a STAR Academy that has changed. In fact, the near worlds have changed, forcing her to walk the thin line between politics and mayhem. Determined to find out why the Fians claim to be connected to her, Yalena has...

  • Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)
    21.2M 984K 171

    Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired. Winner of the 2020 Readers Choice Awards Cover by @Forcade