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  • Get Out of My Pants
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    Sheesh, man. Get out of my pants **Things to Know** An asexual (aces) is someone who doesn't feel sexual attraction to others. An aromantic (aros) is someone who feels little to no romantic attraction to others.

  • Ace Problems
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    problems that asexual individuals face! irritating, annoying, and just plain stupid problems will be listed here. asexual? face a problem often? comment it below and there's a chance it'll be featured in a chapter!

  • The LGBTQ+ Handbook
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    Did you just find out that you are gay? Are you secretly a bisexual? Feeling awkward because you are transgender? Do you not have any idea about what you are? Or are you straight, and you don't know how to treat people of different sexual orientations? You will get many questions answered in this lovely handbook! This...