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  • The Running Games: Alpha
    31.9K 1.7K 10

    The annual Running games have come around once again for Zuri, daughter to the twilight moons gamma. She managed to last till sunrise last year but someone has shown up for the hunt this year. Being a stubborn female that is a trained fighter tends to be a turn off for most males. However, not all males like to give u...

  • An Affair of the Heart
    22 1 1

    Marianne is pulled from her accustomed life of leisure to live in the country when her father's investor embezzles from him. She spends much time alone. Wandering the fields and rolling hills that surround the cottage. It is here she meets a man that would frustrate, elude and entice her. She fights everything in hers...

  • Advertise Your Story Here!!
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    Advertise your story here, and I will read, vote and comment!! So go!!!!! Yay

  • Negan
    113 37 12

    " Pissing our pants?Its gonna be PEE-PEE pants city here real soon". Description-Black hair.Green eyes.5'5.Age-43.Abarhams sister.

  • Murder at Midnight
    19 2 2

    The Heart family have been murdered at the stroke of midnight, killed why they slept peacefully in Their beds.Each of them of had their blood drained from them, the only witness is their young eighteen year old daughter Alice the only problem is that she said that monsters have killed them. With the police at a dead e...

  • Read for Read
    281 23 2

    Hi! By checking out this book, I believe you wish to earn more reads and comments. This is the perfect place to get that. Sit tight and enjoy.

  • The Teacher's Obsession
    675K 12.4K 29

    COMPLETED ON SEPTEMBER 20TH 2016 FIRST BOOK I KNOW ITS ROUGH IM EDITING "You're mine baby doll, can't you get that through your pretty little head?" He whispered huskily into my ear, sending cold shivers all throughout my body. His breath was warm and unnerving. He pressed further into me, grinding his hips into min...

    Completed   Mature
  • Starlight Awards 2019 ( Closed For Judging)
    7.6K 560 38

    Welcome to the first round of starlight awards 2019!!! We are open and collecting judges, and we still have some more spots for your book/s. We are here to have a fun and friendly contest Brought to you by : @Vegetaforthewin

  • This Christmas
    1.7K 62 31

    It's Denny and Robin's first Christmas together.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fairy Tale Bride
    4.7M 82.4K 27

    Miranda Fenster only wants to help her twin brother find his happily ever after with his true love. To ensure her brother's happiness, though, she must beg the Duke of Kerstone to intercede on her brother's behalf. Too bad the duke has other plans for the woman known in society as The Fairy Tale Miss.

  • Hiding Horns
    61.6K 2.8K 17

    Looking at the map several times to confirm, yes it's beautiful, it's perfect. The little town in Greece, right at the edge of the sea. Far away from any other towns on the coast, surrounded by gorgeous trees. It was a wonderful escape from my home town, new faces, and new opportunities. Asura tried to escape h...

  • The Truce
    18.7K 590 4

    My First Attempt in Writing Werewolf Genre, Give it a Chance ... Excerpt: "She can look at me, and from now on, she's your QUEEN!" He growled to the man in my right and the two suddenly releases my arms and they steps back in fear. "Yes, your highness." They all chorused in all the same deep voices. "NOW, LEAVE US ALO...

  • The Alpha King
    129K 5.2K 40

    Born to Rule. Destined to be a Warrior. LUCAS Child of the reigning King of Werewolves to his true mate. Lucas was once destined to one day inherit the crown of his father. But a sudden twist of fate altered his path. Taken in and raised by his grandfather, he learned to adapt and accept the quiet life. Until that to...

  • Fighting Darius (Completed) Penny & Darius
    14M 586K 59

    Penny: I still remember the first moment our eyes met, something happened. Those icy blue eyes. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I could feel the magnetic pull and we're both helpless against it. Our eyes met constantly across the room. He would be the first to tear his eyes away. He's so powerful, though. So chari...

  • The Lost Princess
    8 7 1

    Princess Adela was born to the notorious Prince Leopold who had slept with many woman and produced illegitimate heir to the throne. On seeing this her paternal grandfather King Humphrey arranged a marriage for his son to Princess Amelia. They were married and a 1 year after marriage they had Princess Adela. They were...

  • Angels Of Hope
    2.9K 770 45

    Letty was a troubled mother that moved hallway across the United States with the help of her best friend, Tanner Rodriguez. She was abused by her husband, Jace. When her kids moved to Fayetteville NC she meet two people, Alexis and Derek. She started to piece her life back together. But along the way she starts to fa...

  • The Alpha and Beta's Mates
    39.3K 1.5K 12

    Donatello De Palma is twenty-one years old and an Alpha to one of the strongest werewolf pack in Italy. He is young but capable, fearless but feared by all. He is beauty with legs and everywhere he goes people bow to him in respect. His pack has had history of dominating other smaller packs in the past and is known as...

  • Negan smut imagines
    28.8K 559 22

    This is a whole book on Negan imagines. That will involve smut. I'll also do a Jeffrey one here and there if asked for I'm going to need request on this one thanks for reading. Requests open.

  • The Billionaire's Baby
    40K 1K 3

    The business card couldn't be right. Cameron Peterson had just spent one spontaneous, passionate night in the arms of the hottest, most irresistable stranger she'd ever met. And morning's light revealed her lover to be new PR client Dominic La'Morte . . . One sizzling night of passion, then she was gone. Disappointed...

  • The Bodyguard
    972K 33K 57

    #1 in TEEN 9/10/2018 #14 in ACTION 6/10/2018 #81 in romance 19/09/2018 "That's Frank by the way, he's going to look after you when I'm gone." I look across my dad's shoulder, watching Frank nod slowly and barely noticeable, firmly holding eye contact. I'm not sure if he's challenging me, but just in case, I'm not l...

  • The Billionaire's Heir
    17.4M 482K 28

    Luke couldn't stop thinking about Bianca Wilson and the night they'd shared. He wanted to find her so he could satisfy the itch to have her again. But he was a man who always kept it simple with women and made his intentions clear to them from the start. Bedding them more than once only made them feel like there was m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wanting Jocelyn
    23.6M 81.5K 6

    !!!!STORY MOVED TO AMAZON EBOOKS!!! Alpha Lennox Hall has been waiting for a shewolf to interest him. When he meets Jocelyn he senses she is different. His immediate attraction to her is completely one sided. Her fear of the big bad alpha keeps Jocelyn from seeing his attraction to her. She thinks his over protective...

    Completed   Mature
    7.7K 652 102

    Welcome, all Walking Dead lovers! Do you want your fanfiction to be discovered? Do you want more reads on your book? Would you like the chance for your work to be in the limelight? Are you looking for feedback and critique to become a better writer, and do the same for other's? Then this club is for you, we aspire to...

  • Beastly | ✓
    159K 7.9K 27

    "Get ready to scream Ms. Quinn." The words rolled out of his tongue as his soft lips grazed my neck. "You can't make me scream." I said firmly, trying to control my hand from touching him. He growled, his hand tightening around me, sending tingles all over my body. "I can make you scream without even touching you." H...

  • Mia Cara (Sample)
    5.4M 32.8K 6

    When Rose Salvatore is granted with the gift of a high paying job to help her take care of her little sister and herself, she immediately jumps at the opportunity but is a little surprised when she finds that her boss is moody and ruthless. (Maid story.) • • • • • • COMPLETED HIGHEST RANKING - #1 in general fiction...

  • The Beasts Possession
    247K 8.8K 12

    *NOT A WEREWOLF BOOK* Like the monsters hiding under little kids bed, everyone fears Kellum Night. Rumors says he's a maniac, psycho....beast. People never visit lake house or cabin by the woods because they believe Kellum lives there. Hearing these Rumors, Isabella Daniels is curious. She then make it her mission to...

  • Teacher's Obsession
    61.4K 1.8K 4

    "No!" I yelled as I tried to run around him. My finger had just touched the tip of the doorknob when a strong grip on my arm yanked me back. A groan escaped my lips as my back collided against a hard chest. His arms tightened around me as he pinned me to him. He barely grunted as I slammed my elbow back, hitting a sof...

  • My Manipulator
    53 1 1

    Kilgrave, The name that can send shivers down your spine. With his voice he can control your every thought every desire. He sucks you in with his handsome smile and spits you out when you disobey him. He did this to so many people, He did this to my sister Jessica, and now he's found me.

  • The King's Choice
    1.7M 68.2K 26

    Years after a brutal war left humanity subjugated by vampires, King Nathaniel Bryce seeks to find his Queen among one hundred human girls through an elaborate and expensive pageant. The prize? Immortality. Avery Crawford doesn't care about being immortal, and she certainly doesn't want to marry King Nathaniel, handso...

  • Beauty and the Bully.
    867K 23.3K 30

    "I thought you were my friend." I say my voice timid as he started kissing my neck. I shivered as his mouth latched onto the skin. He chuckled and brought his mouth up to my ear. "You thought wrong baby girl." Ayla Rose a naive simple girl. All she sees is the good in people and all he sees is the bad. He likes to hur...