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  • The CoDas: Reboot [By Hex]
    15.7K 1.2K 54

    "It was never his decision to be born into a world full of suffering but now that he is here, he will roar till he takes his final breath." The year is A.D. 2215, Nathan Tetrola is an Arabian boy born in the futuristic city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Although Nathan has temper problems, his close friend, Zack, keeps him a...

  • The Family
    567 60 24

    Abram, head of the new family, after an old friend, and overall is hungry for power. When an old friend betrays the Family, Abram is after him and is out for blood. When he goes hungry and wants to expand The Family, he soon realizes, He's taken too big of a bite. #badassreads

    Completed   Mature
  • Chronicles of Yugure: Plummeting into Uncharted Depths
    3.4K 243 34

    [COMPLETED AND ADDING ILLUSTRATIONS/NEW COVER ADDED] Book One of the Yugure series Indulge yourself in a fantasy universe filled with wonder and magical realms. Discover witty, charismatic, and lovable characters, each unique in their own way. This new novel series is a great read for ones who love to be imaginative...

  • Onihunter Yuna
    5.5K 320 134

    Yuna Masuda is an ordinary high school student until a fearsome man named Tirr enters her home one night and murders her family. She barely survives and awakens wounded at the hospital where she discovers soon, that she is no longer the same girl as before. A mentor takes care of her and tells her that she is now part...

  • The Heir In Hiding
    4K 166 8

    I swear to fucking god don't read this. I wrote this in middle school and I give up. It's bullshit it's all bullshit. It's about fucking mermaids. It's been like five years since I started this shit and I still wish I was a mermaid. Bullshit Cover by @Sarah_kingxx

  • Game Over
    466 25 5

    When Imitation X came out, it sold out within minutes. 50 Gamers. Kill everyone and live, Or be killed in the game... And die for real.

  • The Pulse
    3.7K 357 15

    [ CURRENTLY UNDERGOING REWORKS ] Jacob Harken is a nobody. So why did they choose to save him? Earth is on the brink of complete collapse. Nuclear war has all but destroyed the planet and what little remains is under the strict control of the world's military super powers. Jacob is one of many faceless soldiers who fi...

  • Flooded [✔️]
    1.9K 120 7

    Far in the future, the world has flooded from global warming, leaving no inhabitable land left on Earth. Jade, along with other technologically advanced citizens, live in a giant dome underwater to protect them from pollution, nuclear waste, and other harmful things that lie in the ocean above. When Jade's perfect lif...

  • Dragons of Kasper: Fortress of Saneous
    489 36 6

    Dive into the world of Pacemterra, an enchanting land ruled by mythological oddities, impossible creatures, and sentient dragons. Since the Great Uncovering of the New World, magic and mystery now run rampant through this once frozen wasteland. This particular series is for the imaginative reader who adores legend, my...

  • The Words | #Wattys2016
    1.4K 127 20

    The Words. They mean everything. Your past. Your present. Your future. On your eighteen birthday you awake with words written on the side of your ribcage: the first words your soulmate will ever say to you. Without them you are nothing. You have no purpose, no reputation, no life. You are simply forgotten, cast awa...

  • The Forbidden Power
    276 32 5

    *on hold* Kira's village has been destroyed. Layla can't control her own powers. Summer's mother is dead. And Antwan won't stop until he has gained power. That means more destruction, more death, and more tragedy for all three girls. Can they stop Antwan? He has an entire army behind him, but they only have each ot...

  • Fallout Cures
    639 57 7

    As everything around them crumbled to mere existence, Earth's greatest scientists made one last effort to save the world that had been ravaged by climate change and human fault. Gene enhancement. The testing on pregnant women was indubitably dangerous; but what else was there left to try when Earth faces the inel...

  • The Cat Who Knew How to Cry
    14.3K 1.1K 47

    The English translation of the Wattpad Featured & Wattys 2015 Winner story. ... And the moment you allow that tiny evil enter your heart, the moment you act in a manner unbefitting your race, the moment you start complaining about life - they will see you. And a woman beast with glowing eyes and sharp fangs will...

  • Кошка, которая умела плакать (Книги 1 и 2 + Аудиокнига)
    518K 8.5K 84

    Победитель the Wattys 2015 [RU] 16+ ...И стоит тебе пустить в своё сердце это малое зло, стоит поступить так, как не подобает твоей расе, стоит начать жаловаться на жизнь - они заметят тебя. И придёт к тебе женщина-зверь со светящимися глазами и острыми клыками. Она околдует тебя речами о том, что всё зло в тебе есть...

  • The Beauty And The Heist
    2.2M 97.2K 46

    Highest Rank #1 in Action 14/6/16 Chevron Raynes 'accidentally' hacks into her college mainframe and finds blueprints to a billion dollar satellite belonging to none other than the Mafia. As if that wasn't bad enough, when the blueprints and a certain Professor go missing, Chevron is thrown under the Mafia's radar. So...

  • Altered
    1.4K 48 13

    Beauty, strength, superhuman abilities-these are the things that used to be out of reach. When it's at your fingertips, turns out it doesn't come alone, but with consequences as its companion. For Mark, no one knows his real face. For Darius, his eyes have turned irreversibly yellow. Turns out, the human greed is not...

  • The Glass Moon
    14.9K 1K 18

    He was the boy on the moon, And when he fell, The stars fell too. ☾☾☾ The Division says the walls protect us, The Division says they will save us, The Division says humanity went to the stars, But they never came back down. The seas rose, the moon went red and we were born from the ashes of our ancestors lies. No one...

  • Illinois [#wattys2016 Writer's Debut]
    1.6K 216 20

    What if I told you that humans with supernatural abilities exist? What if I told you that they have since centuries ago? These people are called Illinoisans and they have been banished to Sona hundreds of years ago. Those Illinoisans adapted to Sona and formed an advanced society very quickly. But then twelve Illinois...

  • Ember and Lilia: A Pool of Flames (Wattys 2016) The School for Good and Evil
    5.1K 492 34

    Fear. Hatred. Sorrow. Those emotions were like a thousand splinters of glass piercing her heart, leaving behind nought but a mask devoid of emotions. But all that changed when Lilia was enrolled in The School for Good and Evil, a place where she could finally be who she really was. Known for a sanctuary to some, she t...

  • Wastelands: Dawn of the Desert [On Hold]
    886 128 18

    The world has become a vast wasteland, destroyed by the humans in order to stop the alien invasion. The only problem is that the aliens have taken over and the humans are still alive. Left to live in a world that is now almost uninhabitable. With humans being taken for unknown reasons, the world has become vastly m...

  • The War - A Tale of Betrayal and Love
    910 81 15

    "Do you think we're safe?" I said, trying to keep the tears from falling. "I...I don't think they can find us here," Lucas replied, although I could hear his breath hitch in his throat. "I can't believe this is happening. Our world is over as we know it, isn't it?" With a shaking breath and a light squeeze of my shou...

  • Katie
    1.6K 110 4

    What does it take for a person to stand up? Or collapse completely? Society is a synonym for madness. No one is equal. It's purple over blue, and red over purple. Katie is a blue. She is at the bottom of the food chain, an invisible nobody that's always inferior. Always. She can't give up. Not now.

  • Water and Earth (The Four Elements: Book 2) (ON HOLD)
    11.3K 636 25

    **CURRENTLY ON HOLD** The gang sets off to start their next semester, with a new addition: Amaya Wood. Elias feels torn between her and his girlfriend Kayla Williams, but what happens when an unexpected twist changes everything in the upcoming quest? Highest Ranking: #463 in Fantasy (1...

  • Screen Time
    1.9K 222 11

    Before that winter, Clara had been a normal teenage girl. She spent about twelve hours a day using one of her family's many computers on an OnLife site. She'd never seen any of her friends in person. She'd hardly ever cracked a window or door. She'd never even left her own home. And why would she need to? Everything...

    41K 2.4K 40

    A weapon unlike any other. A haunting tale of family secrets, madness, and healing. #10 Science Fiction - highest rank

    Completed   Mature
  • Ragnarok
    5.8K 764 80

    It is the year 2108. Earth has become too polluted, flooding has become too dire, and mankind too numerous, for humanity to remain on their home world. Space colonization has begun, with the first space elevators, a burgeoning Mars colony, and expansive dome-cities on the moon. In order to bear with the drab setting a...

  • The Tower's Secret
    5.1K 635 21

    [CURRENTLY ON HIATUS] Characters. They are meaningful in imagination yet trivial in reality, merely thriving in the whimsical fancies of our dreams. After all, characters live only in stories, don't they? But what if characters in books really do exist elsewhere? What if they materialize in another world-possessing th...

  • A thief's legacy
    496 66 15

    Cos is a thief and father of his adopted daughter Pi. Tan is one of the highest ranking generals in Weshin and Steward of Lostan. They are brothers, torn apart before the war, when they were sold as slaves. When they fought themselves free, they both went different ways. Thinking the other was dead. Now they are o...