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  • remember | yulyen
    48.9K 2.6K 18

    ❝please don't let me forget you.❞ jo yuri x choi yena [ yulyen ff ; english ] c o m p l e t e d [ ✔ ]

  • forgotten | yulyen
    46.9K 2.7K 19

    ❝i tried to forget about you..❞ jo yuri x choi yena [ yulyen ff ; english ]

  • Blue Briar ✧ Yulyen (Blue Briar Book 1)
    72.2K 3.7K 31

    "At first glance, you think she's as gorgeous and as sweet as a rose," "And what happens when I glance a second time?" "You realise she's as sharp and as deadly as briar," Choi Yena is an urban legend, someone who slips in and out of worlds and alters the universe beneath her touch. When she's stumbled upon by Jo Yuri...

  • White Pawn ♙ Minjinyeongz (Blue Briar Book 2)
    27.5K 1.7K 25

    "Jang Wonyoung, she's... changed," "How so?" "She's just- just different, I guess," Minju knew it was wrong. She knew it was absurd, knew that there were so many other ways out of a situation like this. But the way Yujin looked in Wonyoung's arms helped her understand why this had to be done. Book 2 to "Blue Briar"...

  • happy pill | kkuchaen
    35.4K 2.2K 18

    [ HIATUS ] ❝i'm your happy pill for the next three weeks!❞ lee chaeyeon x miyawaki sakura [ hotaru/chaekura ff ; english ]

  • colors | 2kim
    34.9K 2.1K 16

    ❝it was casted on me. out of all people.❞ kim chaewon x kim minju [ 2kim ff ; english ]

  • 11:11.✅
    37.5K 2K 24

    i will spend my last minutes with you, yuri. inspired by "i give my first love to you" and "the fault in our stars".

  • she was drunk ; chaekura
    9.9K 533 9

    ❝ i may or may not be extremely drunk right now ❞

  • app | izone
    133K 8.2K 29

    ❝what did you do?!❞ iz*one interactive story. [ izone horror ff ; english ] c o m p l e t e d

  • aishiteru ;; annyeongz
    2.4K 139 3

    ㅡahn yujin x jang wonyoung one shots of your favorite iz*one's maknaes, ahn yujin and jang wonyoung :)

  • really like you ; yulyen 〄
    23.2K 867 10

    ❝ i really like you , i really really like you ❞

  • Izone's New Adventure
    177K 5.6K 128

    Izone x reader Minjung is the 13th member of Izone. This book describes her interactions with Izone and new life with her group.

  • incorrect izone.
    570K 27.8K 199

    ( repeat after me, izone are g a y. )

  • Who Killed Jang Wonyoung? || IZ*ONE Interactive Fic
    73.4K 3.5K 24

    11 suspects. 10 innocent. 1 guilty. 1 dead. 1 killer. The question still stands: who killed Jang Wonyoung?

  • IZ*ONE chatroom
    9K 389 12

    where there's screaming everywhere *DISCONTINUED*

  • shit iz*one says
    261K 17.3K 222

    nako : i hate all of you.

  • random iz*one sh*ts
    91K 4.6K 95

    nako: bow down to me bishes

  • Izone Texts
    498K 17.2K 195

    what izone probably said, probably, who knows.

  • random izone shits
    1.5K 36 5

    oneshots, poems, series etc. requests are granted but it'll take a long time :)) lmao sorry i am just lazy lol

    24K 421 6

    This book consists of reader x member oneshots ! [ ☁️ 🌧️ 🔞 ] ©satzuhearteu

  • Forbidden || Kim Chaewon
    2K 87 3

    [Kim Chaewon X Female reader] Our love is forbidden.

  • highlight || - jo yuri -
    47 5 1

    "The spot light on me Your eyes are ultimately my sun light It changes to a bright light You want to know? Just simply look at me I make my own highlight" started : 10th June 2019 -------------

    37.8K 1.5K 23

    2kim fic , kouzme 2018 completed

  • sweet dreams ⎯ izone
    16.6K 412 19

    ' | sorry, i like you © flavescentblue

  • There's a Rip in the Sky || 2kim
    87.7K 4.2K 31

    {now featured in the wattpad fanfic official kpop reading list!} "That could be a metaphor, you know," "What could?" "The rips in the sky that make us think there's something, like, beyond what we know are just... artificial. Like everything good on the surface is just manufactured to seem better than it is," "I thi...