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  • Taekwondo Queen
    9.2K 164 11

    Who is she? caution; [ slow update] graphics by : -euluxuria

  • Kapag Ang Pangit Ang Lumandi (BOOK 1&2)
    233K 7.3K 71

    "Hating me. is an EMOTiONAL Disease! So for those who hate me get well soon! Because there's no prescribed medicine for being iNSECURE!" --- Maganda ka ba?? Kung OO! Eh di ikaw na.→_→ Sayo na ang korona!! At kung hindi ka naman maganda tulad KO! Well wag kang mag alala. MAGANDA KA! TIWALA LANG..... Kung hindi ka kagan...

  • Crazy for this Torpe (on-going)
    5.6K 96 9

    Paano kung ang taong tinutulungan mong magka-lovelife ay ikaw pala ang gustong makamit? Meet Summer Natalia Peyton, ang babaeng NBSB na, manhid pa! How can she help her best friend, Xavier Jaxson, to find his ''the one'' if she doesn't know that she is ''the one'' Jax's referring to? (on-going)

  • Innocent[ON-GOING]
    1K 62 9

    “If I said I was madly in love with you you'd know I was lying."-Mikaella "I know."-Tyrone I've been waiting for her to love me back. But it doesn't seem that it's gonna happen, for real. Because what we have and what we are, is temporary and fake.

  • Everything Has Changed (UNDER REVISION)
    87.9K 2.6K 53

    People say's i'm perfect. Perfect because I have the looks, the money, the brain, kindness and a perfect family. But that was BEFORE. And who would have thought that I will now become a rebel, a party-girl that doesn't care about the world, B.I.T.C.H. , and already forgot the real meaning of LOVE.... Until someone app...

  • My Tandem in Trouble (Completed)
    260K 7.4K 61

    [TROUBLE #1] Hindi maatim ni Rhyme Peralta ang presensya ng handsome-slash-bad boy-slash-fraternity boy na si EL Cortez. Bukod kasi sa pagiging mayabang at mahangin ay lagi nitong ginagawang impyerno ang buhay nya kung makapang-inis. Mas lalu pa nyang sinumpa sa isip ang lalaking ito dahil ginawa sya nitong vice leade...

  • Strings of Love
    342 12 5

    How will you create a good music if you lack one string? Join Beatrice as she learns how love works.

  • Best Stories In Wattpad (Filipino)
    137K 530 31

    Base po to sa Mga na Read ko na Stories ^^ na baka hinde niyo pa nabasa I hope nakatulong ito sa inyo :)

  • TEEN HIGH : Girls VS. Vampires
    635K 13.8K 63

    [COMPLETED] What if magsama-sama ang mga ORDINARY GIRLS at mga VAMPIRE BOYS? tapos, sa school pa? And worst, they ended up falling inlove with this guys kahit hindi nila alam ang tunay na pagkatao ng mga ito! What wil happen kung malaman nila bigla na they are Blood Suckers? ITITIGIL na ba nila ang pagmamahal sa kanil...

  • Falling to the Enigmatic
    39.3K 224 2

    Best way to not get your heart broken is to pretend you dont have one. -Charlie Sheen-

  • Popular Stories in Wattpad
    1.9M 8K 107

    Bago ka ba sa wattpad? Naghahanap ng maganda storya? o sadyang tamad ka lang mag hanap kaya natingin ka sa mga recomendation? kung isa ka sa 3 yan! malli ka ng pinuntahan. de joke. tama pala. POPULAR STORIES = Million reads and Half a million, or deserving :) FILIPINO books only HI wattpaders !

  • Mr. Picture Perfect is a GANGSTER?! (Revised Edition)
    2.5M 45.9K 69

    He's not good for her that's why he can't have her. Will she still accept him despite of being a gangster? ||EDITED/REVISED VERSION|| Story started: November 5, 2013 Story ended: December 2, 2014 EDITED/REVISED: July 28, 2019

  • My Immortal Love
    1.7K 9 3

    Sit in gremio pacis et invenerit eam aliquis in tribulatione pythonicus adversariorum venerit Caesar? Vel ex foedere et discuti irresposibility bellum erit. A damsel in distress. A deadly creature. A treaty. A war will be declared. Who will take the responsibility? Who will reign? The damsel? Or the damned? © All Righ...

  • 1 Month to Leave You? or 1 Month to Love You? (EDITING)
    36.1K 513 30

    What if one day you will wake up that your life is ruined by an arranged marriage? But there is a DEAL that will give you a chance to escape from it. And that DEAL will break someone's heart. Will you grab it or not?

    16.2M 202K 68

    • C O M P L E T E D • (PART 1 + PART 2) Siya si Adrian Louis Guillermo, a typical playboy. Hanggang sa malaman na lang niya ang tinatagong lihim ng kanyang ex, na sila pala ay... nagka-anak?

  • Cheating through her diary [COMPLETE]
    32.8K 393 50

    This is not a Rated-R story. don't expect any sex scenes. Maybe the site labeled some chapters as Rated-R but i think it's an error. Thank you.

    Completed   Mature
  • Instant Boyfriend (One Shot)
    1.7K 30 2

    Pwede pa lang sa isang pagkakamali mo lang ay magkaroon ka na ng instant boyfriend? Ganoon na ba katalino't kadiskarte ni Tadhana?

  • RelationTRIP turn to RelationSHIP?
    63.9K 1.3K 34

    [COMPLETED] they started being IN A RELATIONSHIP in facebook..they both agree of having a relationship in that social networking site. And they both know that it is only TRIP. They don't have commitment. but then .. umaasa si girl na ang isang relationTRIP ay eventually magiging relatioSHIP.. mangyari kaya yun or anot...

  • Trust Once, Regret Forever
    3.3K 110 11

    [Short Novel] There is this girl who easily trusts someone. Well maybe because she is typically a 'friendly' one. No wonder she has lots of friends and one thing for sure she has a bestfriend--- her nonbiological sister. In fact, they are bestfriends for almost four years. That's the root why she trusts her bestfriend...

  • Starbucks Girl
    15.9K 225 15

    Sabi nga nila "Love comes when you least expect it " Im guessing that phrase is true because My Love story just happen In the Most Known Coffee shop in the world that's called "Starbucks Coffee " and I wasn't expecting that the man whose going play my "Lover" in my Love story happens to be a " Possessive Arrogant Ga...

  • There will never be us [UNFINISHED]
    15.3K 326 38

    She fell in love with his bestfriend. He doesn't love her. He gets his heart broken while she becomes happy with her new found love. He realized he loved her. Can they still have their lovestory? Or they're not really meant to be together? All Rights Reserved 2012 © itsmetooya65

  • Stalking the Gangsters [1st Half]
    2.4M 41.6K 100

    Teaser Video -> Paano kung biglang magkaroon kayo ng barkada mo ng instant trabaho? Trabahong bongga ang sweldo. Ang kaso hindi nga lang basta-basta ang magiging trabaho niyo. Kilalanin ang pitong baliw na babae na tinanggap ang trabahong magbabago ng buhay nila. The job to stalk the ga...

  • His Maid (Revising)
    7.3M 38.3K 65

    Under revision.