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  • the book of fluff (that usually isn't)
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    one-shots are cool because they're like books without the commitment so if you have commitment issues with books like me then this is the read for you. the most recent ones are much much better so pls read those first!! i apologize in advance

  • Color
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    "Not everything is black and white." *Thank you AGAIN to the marvelous @kirstin_fanacc for the cover* **Also p.s. This is book 2 to Black and White in case I didn't make that clear ❤**

  • Halo
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    "Angels have no philosophy but love." -Terri Guillemets-

  • Always Dark
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    (Blind Mitch AU) --Thank you @RoseGoldHeart for the cover--

  • Bubbles (Scomiche)
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    DD/LG Scomiche One Shots. !Daddy - Mitchy !Little - Scotty !Feminine - Scotty

  • scomark oneshots
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    scomark oneshots. there are a few meau sprinkled in here, and some scomiche at the beginning!