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  • Bonerable (Gaster!Sans X Reader)
    140K 6.6K 29

    The barrier was lifted, the monsters were free but not accepted; hell broke loose, the wars were resumed. The monsters had no choice but to retaliate to the human's advances. Resources were scarce, the earth seemed unhabitable and the only way to survive was through violence. You lost all hope when you were forced to...

  • GZombietale - Oneshots/short stories
    6K 121 6

    Okay, let me be honest. I love GZtale and I seriously can't stop writing stories and little oneshots about both GZtale and GZombietale. this will be my book of oneshots and I'll try to dump my little fantasies about the fabulous characters involved. Gztale and GZombietale belong to Golzy on tumblr. (That's where I fir...

  • You Are My Sunshine (Yandere dusttale Sans X Reader)
    36.4K 668 11

    basically this is about dusttale for a ten year old girl who is scared of nearly everything but she changes the heart of a cold hearted person. or should I say skeleton? [ Edit: okay this was made about four to five years ago, make fun of this like crazy but dont go too far, lol ]

  • Underlust x Reader
    7K 36 3

    UL stands for Underlust and in this comic UL sans rapes you BTW you are a guy in this story

  • UL Sans x Reader. :WARNING: LEMON
    25.8K 263 7


  • Cuphead Picture Book
    1.3K 21 11

    HEY GUYS! This is my first book i am new to wattpad XD plz no hates and thankyou

  • sweet treat love
    119 7 1

    as you been hanging out with the skeleton brothers . sans had thought about hanging out with you alone together eating sweet treats or more tasty treats he gives you 😍

  • Underlust Sans
    3.4K 25 12

    Lust Sans fantasies and more

  • UnderLust Sans X Reader: Love is Different from lust
    1.1K 25 2

    You had fallen down into a world unknown, and now you really wish it would have stayed unknown. This world is crazy, perverted, and way too sexual. But then how do you find yourself falling for a certain skeleton. Will you be able to show him what true love is, or will you have to survive this lustful world on your ow...

  • Yandere!UnderLust!Sans X Reader [COMPLETED]
    39.4K 412 4

    This story is not mine my friend made it ________________________________________ He killed him... He. KILLED. Him. ... He killed them. ... He killed us. ________________________________________

  • UnderLust Love Story (Sans or Papyrus X reader)
    8.6K 147 3

    You fall down a giant hole and find Sans and Papyrus. They look different though. Can you trust them?

  • UnderLust Sans x Shy!Reader
    42.4K 653 4

    Your older sister wanted to vistit her boyfriend Papyrus, personally you just wanted to wait outside... Then you see Sans... want to hang out?

  • Underlust Sans X Reader
    66.8K 927 5

    This Is A Possible Lemon :P Well Duh

  • Underlust x Reader One Shots
    53.6K 417 3

    Here ya go filthy Lust sinners

  • -The Asylum Down The Street- Nightmare!Sans X Reader
    32K 945 7

    {REQUESTED BY FOLLOWERS} Oh! Hello! My name is (Y/N). IM (Y/A) years old and I live near a place where the legend is.. I was only told that there was a tree protected by 2 monsters before the elder brother stole golden apples from

  • My Life in Swapfell (sans x abused reader) (ON HOLD)
    20.6K 278 10

    Just read title

  • Undertale One Shots
    84 3 2

    Basically I had a bunch of ideas and I thought "Hey, why not make a book with a whole bunch of au's?" So we're gonna see where this leads me. I really hope you guys enjoy these!