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  • Last Chance✔ (Completed)
    3.9M 94.3K 27

    When I found out he was my mate I knew he wouldn't leave her for me...I just hoped. She was beautiful and sweet and not in the fake kind of way either. He was the future alpha and she was the best fit for his future Luna. They looked and worked perfect together. He said the words that hurt me the most, "I can't be wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon's Earth
    413 9 8

    During Earth's Prehistory, Dragons were one of the dominant predators of the world. Having survived extinction however, they were hunted down and slaughtered by the Humans that came into existence. Perfius, the Dragon God fled Earth and found a savage world which he tamed with a new generation of dragons who built and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon's Earth: The Bloodlines of Gods
    130 0 8

    2 years after Humanity had made peace with the Dragons on Dracon and with the last of humanity having been transported from Earth, the Earth once lush planet has now become a desolate wasteland. Kavin and Emma continue their reign of peace and prosperity with their heir Leon. It is then that dragon god Perfius calls u...

  • King of the Amazons
    145 4 4

    Bad luck seems to always follow artist Steve Prince and his life at times doesn't seem worth living. Things change however when he ends up in a shipwreck and washes up on the beaches of Themyscira, home of the Amazons. Believing the island to be paradise, Steve finds himself unwanted as no men live on the island. It's...

  • Justice League: The Next Generation
    403 13 10

    Whenever the world needed them, the Justice League would put their lives on the line for the people's of any planet, galaxy, even dimension. They'd battle the most ruthless of villains, even those apart of the Legion of Doom. One fateful day however, all but a few members of both the league and legion disappeared with...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seeds of Atlantis
    1.5K 41 11

    Over 3000 years ago, the city of Atlantis was swallowed up by the sea in a single day and night. By the 1920s, Atlantis has been regarded as nothing more than a myth and Rick Dawson is laughed out of the scientific community for his beliefs in the subject. When he is given a chance to prove his theories of Atlantis ar...

    Completed   Mature