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  • The Monster (My Best Friend Eminem, My Husband Marshall Mathers)
    99.1K 3.1K 53

    The Mathers Family is back! Marshall (Eminem) and Natalia are happily married and raising their kids together, Hailie, Laney, Whitney and Ronnie...but with the sweet comes the sour...Rumors spread about Marshall using drugs again and the rumors strike it where it hurts most- home. Natalia, worried fears for her husban...

  • My Best Friend Eminem, My Love Marshall Mathers
    432K 9.1K 82

    Natalia Trimmoushski is a Polish-Sicilian from the lower streets of Newark, New Jersey. Her life is simple and struggling like everyone else. On a cold, Febuary day she meets Mr. Bilback a well known film director who offers Natalia fame, thrill and the once in a life time shot to be a film with Eminem. Natalia's drea...

    Completed   Mature
  • 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines
    329K 5.8K 63

    5 Seconds of Summer Imagines made by me. Will take requests. Xx

    1.1K 17 17

    He made my life a misery. He left me with mental and physical scars. He called me names. He made me feel insecure. He made me want it all to end. So why does my heart flutter when he walks by? Why does my heart drop when he is gone? Why do I feel fuzzy when his arm brushes mine? Why do I feel cold when he isn't holdi...

  • Hello Love - Brad Simpson
    139K 3.4K 58

    most girls aren't easily charmed, but he won her over with two words. [#3 under brad simpson] (the book gets better, at first it's a bit messy)

  • Frat Boy {N.H.}
    190K 4.4K 33

    She was the typical sorority girl. He was the new frat boy. And together, nothing is ever easy, a roller coaster that never stops. Frat Boy (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction) ©wonderousworld14 Twitter: @wonderousworld1 Instagram: @wonderousworld14

  • Jack Johnson Imagines
    769K 20.2K 268

    Imagines about the non-Hawaiian Jack Johnson

  • Broken (Nathan Sykes fanfic)
    1M 15.3K 65

    Not everyone wants to be fixed, some people prefer being broken. *EDITING ALL CHAPTERS AT THE MOMENT*

  • My Savior (Josh Hutcherson Fan Fiction)
    39.2K 943 50

    April is an 18 year old girl who is nothing but broken inside, but she is looked over as a popular girl who has everything she needs. April plays the part too well. Smile, laugh, just act like any other teen. Wrong April couldn't handle it anymore she was all beaten up inside with all her problems eating her a live. S...

  • Taken By Josh Hutcherson
    72.9K 1.7K 42

    Sam is your average teenage girl. But when drowning in a river bank in the outskirts of LA happens and is taken in by Josh Hutcherson her life changes in an instant.

  • In The Club ( a Josh Hutcherson one shot)
    1.6K 37 1

    A quick Josh Hutcherson One Shot - You are the girl in this story. (please tell me what you think of if. I came up with it and typed it within a couple of minutes)

  • My First Love (Andrew Garfield)
    4.2K 131 10

    After a massive fall out with her friends, Gemma Wood bumps into the new guy in school, Andrew Garfield. They become best friends and both realise they want something more. What will happen between Andrew and Gemma and what will happen between Gemma and her friends? Will a trip to Brussels, a night at prom and a power...

  • Marvel Imagines + Preferences
    264K 7.1K 107

    I wrote all of these when I was 15 so if they're bad I apologise, I have since grown out of writing for this book so please be aware that any requests won't be competed Writers: Karasaurusrex MihoMarishka (QuoteV) IvyClimb (QuoteV) Leah-Holly (QuoteV) PeskyPiskie

  • When I Look at You (A Josh Hutcherson love story)
    127K 1.9K 38

    Lilly has a dream of becoming an actress, mostly because she wants to meet Josh Hutcherson. She has always dreamed of falling in love with him, and she might just get her chance. But when tragedy strikes the Cane family, will even Josh be able to get her through it? This is my first story, guys, so comment, fan, and v...

  • Is it Enough to Love you (A Josh Hutcherson love story)
    358K 7K 41

    With an abusive past of horrors a young girl named Charlotte, whom is only 14 years old, escapes her old life to run away to find any other life than the one she is living. At an airport minutes away from boarding a plane to Los Angeles she meets the actor Josh Hutcherson. He tells her stories of his fame and she in t...

  • The Dork and the Hero || Peter Parker
    251K 6.8K 21

    This is based off of The Amazing Spider-Man, not Spider-Man Homecoming. Sorry. Seventeen year old Autumn Underwood is the school's second best photographer. The first is the nerdy yet adorable Peter Parker. Peter also happens to be the apple of Autumn's eye. When Peter is picked into a fight with a bully, Autumn tak...

  • Niall Horan Imagines
    2.3M 22.8K 103

    Hey! Do you like Niall Horan? Then you might like these imagines! This book is completed, and I won't be updating it anymore, but feel free to read it and I hope you like the imagines inside! :)

  • Hard To Love (a Josh Hutcherson Fan Fiction)
    299K 4.6K 41

    Born an orphan, raised an orphan, and always will be an orphan.. This is the life Stella Foster thought she would go her entire existence sustaining.. She desperately is looking for a way out, but nothing seems to pull her out of the daily suffering, and she is madly convinced that things will only go down from here w...

  • The Perfect Dream (Josh Hutcherson) COMPLETED
    376K 8.8K 47

    You are an average teenage Girl who has just turned 18 and lives in the UK. Your pretty good in school, no where near popular but all the same not unpopular. However things soon begin to change from the day you and your bestfriend Lucy travel to London to attend the Premiere of the block~buster film The Hunger Games;...

  • Rewind // Calum Hood
    481K 12.6K 42

    "It all started in the toilet." Awkward, I know. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Cindy ❤ Calum Calum ❤ Cindy The story of how two strangers met and their crazy adventure. ATTENTION (MAJOR EDITING: BAD GRAMMAR, SPELLING.)

  • Calum Hood Imagines (ONLY REQUESTS)
    251K 756 32

    Imagines with my favourite Calum Hood! Here will be every requests you make guys I love you all <3

  • Charlie's little sister
    33.3K 1.1K 34

    Hi I'm new to wattpad, this is going to be a fanfic about bars and melody. Your big brother is Charlie Lenehan and he's in a duo called bars and melody with his Bestfriend Leondre Devries. You and Leondre get close...

  • Roommates || Calum Hood
    20.6M 545K 69

    "Hopefully being roommates will settle your arguments."

  • Never Yours (Peeta Mellark X Reader)
    734K 17.6K 50

    You and Peeta have been best friends growing up, but by the time the 74th Hunger Games rolls around, you have developed a serious crush for him. Such a shame that you were both reaped to represent District 12 in the Hunger Games this year--in fact, no one saw it coming. Just before you were both thrown into the arena...

  • *MAJOR EDITING* The Hunger Games
    132K 3.6K 21

    Twisted Fan Fiction Being edited so things will be somewhat different I am aware of how similar I made this story to the original, I wrote this a few years ago when I was just starting out writing so bear with me. The second book stays away from the original story and it all makes sense at the end of the series. Katn...

  • In Case of Emergency // Connor Franta (ft. R.D.)
    233K 5.7K 44

    she needed and savior and he was looking for someone to save.

  • Peter Parker and Meredith Stacy (A Spider Man Story)
    51.3K 1.6K 24

    "You know I can't stop," He said softly, as if reading my mind. "These people need me." "You're Spider-Man, and I love that. But I love Peter Parker more." Forget all the Spider-Man stories you've heard of, here comes something new. Forget all the other relationships Peter Parker has had, here comes one with Meredith...

  • Doctor Who Imagines
    302K 7.3K 57

    [COMPLETED///UNEDITED] Basically what the title says. Cover by @annacanwrite No smut.

  • There's No Turning Back {Freddie Benson Love Story}
    19.4K 240 13

    Alice Shay sister of Spencer and Carly Shay.Friends with Sam and Freddie.And GIBBEH!But what happens when she falls in love with Fredward.Will he lover her back? There's No Turning Back