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  • Training Wheels~ A Zane X Gene Fanfiction
    32.5K 1.1K 11

    I love everything you do, Like when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do, Wanna ride my bike with you, Fully undressed no training wheels for you I'll take them off for you, Training Wheels, Melanie Martinez~ ~~~ Zane and Travis had broken up, and just as Zane thought his life couldn't get any worse, two...

    Completed   Mature
  • Corrupted | Laurmau FanFiction
    7.3K 266 7

    I aM CoRUptEd There Is One Light In My Darkness, And Right Now It's Not So Bright. I am a Knight Of Shadows and I am broken, I am hurt and I am not HuMAn. I used to be a normal guard with a normal life, that was all taken away from me in mere moments, everyone should feel what I feel Everyone Should DiE -This Story...

  • More than just friends
    205 13 1

    "Her best friend since Kindergarten. They were best friends from the start, well more like after she had punched him in the face for stealing her bag of chips and Duncan admired her for that; since that day they were the best of friends and got into a lot of trouble together. " Gwuncan story. My first ever story here...

  • Never Leave Me; A Garmau Fanfic
    11.6K 272 37

    Aphmau is new in the village of Phoenix Drop and she immediately becomes known throughout the village. Garroth is head guard in Phoenix Drop and starts developing feelings for Aphmau. Everything is normal and everyone is living normal lives. But, when Garroth's brother gets into the picture, the entire village turns u...

  • Genemau -Forget The Past-
    7K 209 8

    Genemau in PDH! Aphmau Divine. Shes 18 and recently ran away from her abusive parents and phsycotic ex boyfriend with her 1 year old daughter Lilith. She has a dark and sad past and is trying hard to forget it. Gene Shadow. Hes 18 and has a sad past. He lost his parents due to a plane crash. He has a younger brother n...

  • (Stereo Hearts) A Mithmau Fanfic
    26.6K 796 29

    When Jess moves to Washington state and start to work at Skymedia office she starts to fall in love with a certain ginger head, But will this ginger head return the feelings? (Read To Find Out)

  • Finding Her || Garmau AU
    16.4K 925 18

    **INSPIRED BY "Looking for Alaska"- J. GREEN** [[Explicit Language Warning]] "If she loved you so much, why'd she leave?" Him. The boy who wanted nothing but a chance. The boy who didn't know love. He wasn't happy. Until she came along. Her. The girl with the smile so bright, it sometimes hurt eyes. The...

  • When I Love Another; A Garmau MyStreet Fanfic
    46K 1.4K 25

    Aphmau and Aaron have been dating for over a year now and they are both happy. But, when Aphmau decides to spend more time with Garroth, Laurance, Dante, and Travis, their relationship gets complicated. (All characters belong to Aphmau. All photos are found on Google Images. I made the cover)

  • Rainy Day (A Zanemau Fanfic)(One Shot)
    175 9 1

    Zane and Aphmau have been friends for a while now. But, when Zane has feelings and is scared to tell Aphmau in fear of jeaporadizing their friendship, what will happen this on this rainy day?

  • Save Me (LogdotMu)
    1.8K 43 7

    Tyler is trying to get over his girlfriend's death, and Jason is trying to ignore the continuous hate. Can they save eachother or will they come crashing down?

  • Betrayed Then Loved (Travmau or Laurmau)
    523 20 7

    A story about a girl named aphmau first day a high school her boyfriend laurance betrays her,then she meet this boy named travis will he be the love of her life or will laurance find a way to win her bake read the story to find out

  • Zanemau Short Stories
    4.1K 98 17

    Hi guys this is a book of Zanemau short stories for you! It was originally a Oneshot but many people keep on asking me to do more so I will. It will not be updated very often and I hope you enjoy Warning!!! Not just Zanemau :)

  • A Cinderella VladMau Story
    620 24 5

    Hey guys Veronica Villeda here with a new story hope you enjoy it

  • Garmau One Shots
    155K 4.7K 83

    "I won't promise anything" I say trying to hide my smirk A sudden chill runs through her and I feel my arms raise up from where they were before. Her small body is soon in my arms and I blush at the position we're in "We're not in public" She whispers trying to push me off I hug her tighter and breathe in her beautifu...

  • Meant To Be (A Zanemau Fanfic)
    34.1K 820 24

    Aphmau and Zane have been best friends since Sprinkles. They're been through so much, from protecting each other to getting Zane to get some sunlight(and trust me, that takes the both of them). Suddenly, they begin to have feelings for each other, deeply, but Aaron wants Aphmau for himself, while Michi is looking for...

  • Forbidden Love
    696 53 28

    A story where a woman's destiny is forbidden to love anyone. When one has returned the other must get hurt. #Wattys

  • A Stranger and The Lord//Larmau FanFic
    37.7K 1.2K 45

    Phoniex Drop a rising village. Has problems. Laurance a once guard from Meteli looks to seek refuge in Phoniex Drop. The Lord Aphmau is amazing to him. He can't help it. He can't hide his feelings when he has someone else fighting for her hand in love. The stranger and the lord.

  • A Zanemau fanfic (COMPLETED)
    3.3K 85 18

    Sorry if this is bad. It's my first story. Aphmau is in New Meteli When O'kasian (I think that's how you spell it) guards capture her. She sees HIM for the first time in a while and he's changed a lot.

  • #zanemau
    19.2K 463 61

    This is based off of my ship Zanemau and FROME the events in my street

  • Phoenix Drop High School
    1.6M 46.4K 202

    Aphmau has just moved to Phoenix drop after her parents mysteriously disappeared. She starts a new school Pheonix drop high where she unknowingly captures the attention of more than a few people. Turns out high school isn't all books and pens especially if magiks are involved. What will happen with crazy ex's, mean po...

  • Phoenix Drop-- a #Garmau story fanfic
    131K 1.6K 95

    In the town of Phoenix Drop a knight named Garroth who falls for the new girl in town. Now all he needs to do is win her heart. Can he do it even when many others fall in love with her? This is based off the series Minecraft Diaries by Aphmau with the same characters and same personalities just a different story.