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  • How would you feel?
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    Something my brain created. I hope you'll be surprised! Thanks for reading. Xo

  • When I Met You, I Found Me (1)
    83.2K 5.1K 47

    CaptainSwan High School Story Book one in the Found series Emma Nolan's life had always been boring. For the first part, anyway. But then she fell into the wrong crowd. After being betrayed and used, she put walls up that no one would ever be able to get past. But when a new boy moves in, he makes his way around her w...

  • What You Seek, Will be Found (2)
    39.2K 2.9K 39

    Book two in the Found series. Emma and Killian are in a new apartment in Ohio. They live a few blocks away from campus. It's their first year in college. Life is going good for awhile. Everything seems quiet. Until the flashes of light become more frequent, and letters are being slipped under the door late at night an...

  • Under Lock and Key #Wattys2016
    98.8K 6.9K 51

    He's a serial killer. An animal looking for its prey. He's killed many people in different locations. He always knows where to go and how to avoid being caught. He doesn't have a "type." He kills whoever, whenever. But when he gets ahold of one girl, he knows that there is something different about her. She's got fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Temptation ( Captain Swan )
    156K 9.9K 63

    Emma Swan is 17 years old. She's an orphan, has been her whole life. But recently a year ago, she was adopted my a wonderful couple. Kevin and Jenna Richardson. They had grown on her, she even calls them Mom and Dad. Now, it was a new year, meaning new school. British International School of Boston. A private school...

  • Shots Fired | CS (#Watty2017)
    44.8K 3.6K 39

    | Modern AU x Enchanted Forest | What happens when a Thief unexpectedly gets caught up in the middle of an assassination? Shots are Fired, But who takes the hit. What if they've met before, in a far off Realm... But neither remember; Will they learn to work side by side and reclaim their lost memories? Cover Credi...

  • Sexual Attraction.... ( CaptainSwan story) #wattys2016
    19.6K 1K 22

    A land with no magic, A man full of lust, A independent woman, A true love story.

  • The Last Train To Home
    75K 5.4K 33

    Emma Swan thought that falling for a guy, at first sight, was impossible, until one day she met Killian Jones aboard a train. The strong and unexpected connection they both feel will lead them to experience love as they never had before. During the way, they will have to face a wave of obstacles that will stand betw...

  • Leather Goddess | captain swan au
    48.1K 2.4K 19

    ***COMPLETED*** Killian is a pre-med at NYU and Emma is the girl that almost ran over him on her Harley. They couldn't be more different... and that's a good thing.

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost and then Found (3)
    27.9K 2.3K 34

    Book three in the Found series Emma escaped and is on her way back to Storybrooke with her best friend Ruby. Now that she is on her way home, who will be there to greet her? She is picking up the pieces of her broken life now, but will someone be there to help her glue them back together? Her thoughts never left Kil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates
    260K 10.7K 42

    Looking for roommate, must be non-smoker. That was what the ad online and in the newspaper said. Meet Killian Jones. A player who jumps around from woman to woman. but when his old roommate moves out to live with his girlfriend, Killian finds himself in desperate need of another. His pick? Emma Swan

  • The Hotel
    30.3K 2.4K 26

    Emma Swan is a busy woman. She owns a successful hotel in Hollywood. She is alone, but that's how it always was. She's never needed anyone and no one has ever needed her. That was how it always was until a new person came to work for her. Killian Jones is trying to start his life. His father is a drunk and is abusi...

  • The Irish Teacher ( Colifer story ) #wattys2016
    29.6K 1.4K 24

    He's a teacher A hot, sexy, Irish teacher She's a student A beautiful, blonde student.

  • Sinful Desires (Colifer)
    111K 5.6K 37

    Jennifer Morrison is dating one of her former coworkers from the cast of Once Upon A Time. He has moved on with his career, but Jen being one of the stars in the series stays put. Soon, a new coworker is hired. A very handsome tall man from Ireland. Will their relationship be strictly professional, or will their love...

  • The Bodyguard
    131K 8.6K 40

    Emma Swan is a young woman married to a rich and important entrepreneur of Los Angeles. Although they live with all the luxuries of the world, their relationship is not as good as Emma once thought. However, things take a twist when someone mysteriously attempts on her life, making Emma decide to hire a bodyguard for...

  • We Are Timeless (Captain Swan)
    14.1K 775 9

    "We Are Timeless" is based during the season 3 finale where Emma and Killian travel back in time, only it's just Emma who will be doing the traveling to the enchanted forest. She must find out how to get back. She arrives at a tavern and finds Killian, so she must gain his trust to gain information on how to get back...

  • Second Date
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    Emma and Killian have developed their relationship and are finally having a quiet moment for their second date

  • Love is the light scaring Darkness away | CAPTAINSWAN FANFIC
    82.9K 5.1K 48

    How is season 5 going to be? After Emma's sacrifice, she is consumed by Gold's darkness and prisioned in the dark room. The only way she can get out of there is by being killed or with Merlin's help. But where's Merlin? Meanwhile, Killian suffers everyday without his only reason to live. Rated T+ // M in some chapters

  • When The Tide Is High
    36.6K 1.7K 19

    It's been a year since Prince Neal was born. Everyone in Storybrooke is having a perfect life. Specially Killian and Emma, whose love is unconditional since they returned from their adventure in the Enchanted Forest of the past. But what if the sparkle that feeds their love suddenly stops shining? Emma and Killian's...

  • Lust or Love (Captain Swan AU)
    4.5K 331 6

    Emma is heading into her freshman year of college. She soon comes to find herself slowly falling for her Criminal Justice professor who is a consistent flirt towards her. Keeping away from him and attempting to not get kicked out of the prestigious school, she needs to move on in her life from her troubling past into...

  • i n n o c e n c e (colifer)
    5.4K 162 4

    jennifer is a very innocent 14 year old girl colin is her older new neighbour WARNING: CONTAINS SMUT, DADDY KINK, AGE GAP, OCCASIONAL CURSING

  • Little Things
    28.5K 1.3K 19

    Multi-chapter Colifer fan fiction! Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature