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  • Call It An Obsession ⊷ Brendon Urie || Book 1
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    He was her teacher. She was his obsession. YouTube Trailer: Call It An Obsession // Wattpad

  • hømetøwn
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    "Everyone's a no one in their home town," said Josh. His eyes were soft in the dim light. "No. That's the problem. I'm not a no one. I'm a someone there. A someone who I'm not. A someone who burned down her life and left her mother alone to rot." I leaned forward, a dark intensity burning in my throat. "I will NEVER b...

  • Fight Me «Joshler»
    194K 9.5K 29

    "Hi, my name's Josh, I'm just here for your breathing treatment. How're you feeling, Tyler?" "Fight me." //based off a tumblr post by @/ohsebs + thank you to @fall_down_guys_ for finding it <3//

  • Church Boys † Brendon Urie
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    You can't make a Church Boy out of an Atheist, but you can make a Bad Girl out of a Christian. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Brendon Urie Fanfic