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  • Avengers Texts
    2.4M 156K 87

    Ever wondered what the Avengers tell each other when they're not on duty? Whatever the heck this is. Thanks for 1M! Bucks and kisses, CaptainUSA

  • Percy Jackson goes on facebook.
    14.4K 609 45

    Percy Jackson finds facebook and joins his fellow friends...and gods. All combined with roman and greek. - Credits to Rick Riordan. I only own Deela.

  • Percy Jackson Funny Memes
    45.6K 1.8K 73

    The title speaks for the book. If you don't get it, it's funny pictures of Percy Jackson or other characters with funny captions.

  • Funny Text Bloopers
    23.6M 928K 598

    Collection of 'Funny Text Bloopers'.