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  • Dante's Inferno
    20.2K 411 2

    Dante Averilla has known death, has known pain. But now, he intends to know vengeance. When a family torn apart by grief and magic, attempts the unspeakable. It results in a catastrophe that leaves behind two survivors, hell-bent on destroying each other. Through a series of unlikely partnerships, and even more unl...

  • Because He Loved Too Much | #Wattys2017
    388K 30.8K 63

    in which he who is broken tries desperately to rip off the strings attached to the woman who left. all rights reserved 2016 LeiLani N [Cover by @lets-defeat-the-huns ] {Highest ranks: #6//shortstory & #7 sadromance} Warning :: If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad, you are very likely...

  • young gods
    84K 5.7K 18

    YOUNG GODS, driven to insanity. © sensationale [7.29.17]PO54

  • Street Girl
    1.7M 54.5K 50

    Elliot finds street kid Lucy in his dad's shed and sparks begin to fly. Unfortunately for them both, Lucy's dangerous past is catching up with her. ***** Everyone knows the town of Godfrey has a street kid problem, but Elliot Wexler, high school st...

  • 1001 Nights
    2.8M 165K 38

    ❝Tell me a story, love.❞ In which, a slave girl tells a bloodthirsty king a story in exchange for her life. [07.15.16] all rights reserved ©2016

  • Butterfly Kisses | ✓
    914K 54.7K 33

    Renata Santos doesn't expect her heart to flutter when she catches a boy stealing flowers out of her backyard. But as she unravels his reputation, she realizes puppy-eyed delinquent Isaac Marshall may just be the sunshine she needs to turn her life around. 〚 a wattpad featured story 〛

  • Double Vision
    117K 5.9K 9

    “My sister passed away over a month ago. The last time I saw her was yesterday.” When eighteen-year-old Reese Washington dies of an undetected heart defect, she leaves a bucket list behind: ten things, all incomplete, detailing the stuff she never got to do. Struggling with her grief, Reese’s twin sister, Callie, sees...

  • Love Bug
    1.5K 89 3

    Love is a disease that can poison the mind- -and paint the whole world red. copyright © eliza. april twenty-sixteen.

  • Miles + Violet
    118 4 1

    Miles and Violet lived on the same street. They were neighbours. He lived to the left. She lived to the right. He was number fifty-three and she was number fifty-four, but there was so much more to them than just that. © argonaughts 2015

  • The 11 Hours
    1.5K 193 13

    Maris sat until she was numb and couldn't think about anything except why she was there and why no one else was. [extended summary inside] perfect cover by execvtion

  • Feministical Athena [✓]
    308K 29.7K 39

    [A Featured Wattpad Story // highest ranking: #8] He fell for her too soon. She fell for him too late. - Whereas you will only find their love through words only, for actions aren't told.

  • Puck You
    20.4M 579K 50

    Grace wants to prove herself by making the men's hockey team at her new school. Will a rivalry with the captain - or an attraction between them - get in the way? ***** When Grace Gillman moves to California, she's determined to play hockey -- even i...

  • Teen Helpline [#1 of the Helpline Trilogy]
    1.9M 154K 43

    ❝Hello there, this is Teen Confessions Helpline, what's the problem? Feel free to confess anything you like and we'll be there to help you every step of the way!❞ ❝I know this is heavy but I've been feeling like I kind of...want to kill myself.❞ When Damien Carson, a depressed lonely teenager, call...

  • The Starbucks Hotline
    1.3M 111K 42

    ❝Hello, this is the Starb-❞ ❝HEEELP ME!! PLEASE! THERE'S A MURDERER IN MY HOUSE!❞ ❝OH SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!! WHAT DO I DO?! THIS IS STARBUCKS, NOT FREAKING 911. WAIT, HOLD ON. TRY TO KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE, I'LL CALL 911!! STAY CALM. IT'S GOING TO BE O- ❞ ❝Wait...did you just say Starbucks?❞ ❝Um...yeah?❞ ❝They have a hotlin...

  • Rosy Cheeks
    495K 44.7K 44

    one was shy, the other was sad, together they were the two who loved art, both with rosy cheeks and caring hearts. [highest ranking]: #4 in short story 6.24.15 book one of the "nameless" series

  • Username 1
    139K 11.5K 38

    Highest Rank: #11 in Science Fiction I am a seventeen year old named Anonymous. I do not know my real name or my past because my brain was wiped clean. Along with other amnesiac teenagers, I was taken to an academy and all I had to do was sleep, dream, and repeat. The dreams I and the other "Awakened ones" had, were s...

  • One of the Stars
    1.2K 65 7

    ❝I will love you until the day I die.❞ © americanhorrors

  • Infinite
    34.5K 2.3K 8

    About a boy named Dean and a girl named Melissa and the end to a madness that was never meant to have started.

  • 11 Reasons Why • #1
    329K 19K 16

    Grace and Grant were not meant to be, but there were eleven reasons why he was unforgettable. This is a short story of how she fell for him, and how he let it all fall apart. ▪▪▪ Book #1 of The Art of Finding the One universe. Can be read as a standalone, but will be rewritten and continued as a trilogy in the near fu...

  • One Cappuccino Please
    218K 14.7K 29

    I had become heartless. Detached from all emotions. Living life like an unfinished puzzle, a small part of me missing. Lost. Never to be found again. And then she came along with all her smiles and laughter and cheerfulness. She helped fix me up. Slowly, but surely, I found my way back. And she taught me to live again...

  • Coffee Shop
    15.5K 1K 1

    A boy admiring a girl. Simple.

  • Dork
    1.1K 138 15

    Sebastian Bowman is a glasses wearing, fiction writing dork. He has a thing for finding trivial things fascinating. He has a Broadway singing roommate who doubles as his best friend. He's happy. Arya Lennington is a leather wearing, fiction writing loser. She has a thing for The 1975 and typewriters. Her roommate is a...

  • Threads
    33K 1.7K 23

    ❝we are all searching for someone whose demons will play well with ours.❞ quiet rituals and even quieter conversations; a collectanea. (© promethean 2013; cover by promethean)

  • Passenger
    14.5K 437 2

    for as long as anna can remember, every song she has listened to has been overlaid with the voice of boy next door, tobias. in the car, if katy perry was singing firework, toby was too. if the fray was blasting from anna's headphones, she could see toby mouthing the words. but when toby disappears one day without a t...

  • Simplicity.
    8.3K 321 22

    “One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” ― Jack Kerouac

  • Balconial Conversations
    2.3M 161K 101

    bal-co-nee-al ; of or referring to a balcony \\ in which a cynical girl and a disastrously (self-characterized) aromantic psychology student have daily discussions between neighbouring balconies \\ #1 in short story june & july 2k15 \\ book 1

  • It's Just Ann
    1.1M 82.6K 48

    Let's get the facts straight. I am no heroine and I will never bring pride to my family. I am what you could call a failure. My grades? Average. My social life? Average. Talents? Hmm... well, I think I have none. I'm not exceptional in any way and I know I'm a disappointment for my father. And in this day and age ther...