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  • My Drawings
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    The title says it all Warnings: If you are homophobic then this may contain YAOI which is life ok!! If you are uncomfortable with uh people kissing then this may contain it. If you want to say something bad about my drawing then I hope that your phone/lap tops/any electronic device you are using right now may brake in...

  • Fat Avi
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    Avi is a fat man who loves ice-cream!

  • Turn Back Time - A Regulus Black story (Temporarily on hold)
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    Regulus Black has many regrets by the day he dies. He regrets following his head over his heart. He regrets losing Sirius and joining the Dark Lord. If he could go back to the sorting and do it again, he would. So, what happens when he gets his wish as he is being grabbed and drowned by the clammy hands of the Inferi...

  • Leo Valdez ~ All On The Inside
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    Leo Valdez laughs along and pretends. He listens to his friends problems and makes jokes. He does this day in day out. No one ever stopped to ask him how he felt. They rushed by, stopping only long enough to talk about themselves, then they leave, problems solved. He mends things, but he is broken. Can anyone fix him...

  • Leo Valdez: Building a Bridge -A Harry Potter/Heroes of Olympus crossover
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    Leo Valdez is sick and tired of the same places, same faces. He is angry and tired, traumatised after his recent war, death and resurrection. He believes, wrongly or rightly, that a change of scene would be good, and the Fates agree. But their idea of a change of scene differs greatly from his. They decide to send him...