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  • How To Begin Again
    14K 3.7K 31

    This book will take you for a ride on the emotional roller coaster many of us call love. Based on a true story, the love of a young teenage girl begins to take a turn for the worst as she spirals into the depths of despair. #htba

  • Lost Boys : Every Badboy Has a Story [ #Wattys2016 ]
    2.6K 805 11

    'And soon enough we reached Neverland' The city is cruel, more so are the people. To survive, Adam Roux and the Lost Boys will have do what ever it takes; be it lie, cheat, or god forbid-- kill. Surviving became protecting when he met Grace Lindale; more so when his problematic past came back to haunt them. He can't...

  • girl meets nightmare [gmw au]
    279 15 2

    "I got the part, Maya!" Maya thought her mom leaving her was the worst that could ever happen. Getting the lead roll in a movie, she would be gone for a whole year. Until she found out she'd being staying with the Matthews.... Everything changed.

  • Random Anime Memes
    274K 15.2K 70

    Anime Memes you may like. I clearly do not take credit for making these memes, they're just random memes I've posted for you guys to enjoy. This book mostly consists of Death note memes. #127 humor

  • Guess The Anime Character 0_0
    32.6K 990 39

    I'll post a picture of an anime character and you guys have to guess who it is.

  • songs i like
    263 51 26

    songs i cant live without

  • When they left
    470 59 21

    this is a bunch of stuff i wrote u can comment and tell me what u want me to write a poem about!

  • Guardian Devil
    1.4K 64 9

    Bloodlust the son of Satan. has fallen for a orphan boy named Nick. One night as Bloodlust watched Nick has he slept. Nick woke up and looked at the window. Bloodlust got away and hide on the roof. but not before Nick got a glimpse of his wings. They Bloodlust hears something that changes everything. "Wings. I saw win...

  • Cover contests ***CLOSED***
    3.1K 292 27

    Step right up to see the best cover and story contests there are on Wattpad! With a new contest every day, my competitions are designed to get YOU the recognition you deserve. Prizes are up for grabs and there is ALWAYS room for improvement over in this book! Amazing cover by @imperfectlyperfects thank you so much!

  • Twin Telepathy
    2K 62 13

    Two girls, who have no idea who they are or what they are capable of. Soon enough after a turn or life events for the quiet Allyson though, she finds out. Chloe the loud and devious one just wants to have some fun for once after being watched over for too long. With these two girls who knows what will happen next?

  • Twin Telepathy
    18.3K 1K 5

    ❝And I never thought it would be true that one day I'd have to live without you.❞ A simple story to make you feel but most of all make you think. In which a boy learns to cope with such a great loss. Love and cherish the ones that you have. ©2014polisson

  • My Lovely OC's!
    834 23 11

    A book of all my OC's! If you want them in a roleplay, request it!

  • I Caught You [Shiro!Kaneki x Male!Reader]
    4.3K 142 1

    This has been sitting around. Sorry if there are any errors. Tokyo Ghoul belongs to Ishida Sui Mentioned characters belong to Ishida Sui You probably belong to yourself This story/plot belongs to me Do not post this story elsewhere without my permission

  • Rare Child 〔 Tokyo Ghoul 〕
    33.2K 1.3K 4

    When you're reborn into a universe with beings that eat humans, the logical choice is to stay in a place where they cannot find you. But, I'm Yukiko Maki, the number-one ghoul lover, and I fuck logic. 〈 Tokyo Ghoul / Toukyou Kushu 〉

  • R e d R e a p e r | Tokyo Ghoul
    84.1K 4.2K 4

    " Red Reaper, Red Reaper, who shall your next target be? " One of the most famous urban legends in the 20th Ward talks about a female ghoul called the Red Reaper. No one knows her real name and no one knows how she really looks, but her one distinctive trait is her fiery, red hair. The legend says that the Red Reape...

  • Q and A
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    You ask and I answer

  • Dragon Age x Reader One Shots
    176K 2.6K 30

    there needs to be more Dragon Age love! Will have all the DA series and I'm taking requests*. Will write lemons so yea, you have been warned. Most will be fluff and shiz so yay! * Will need a plot to it, just a basic one like "Sad reader and Fenris wants to cheer them up." like that so yea....

  • Trouble With Misfits(A Dragon Age 2 Fenris Love Story.)
    54.9K 2K 34

    Lia is an elven assassin who escaped to from Tevinter after her family was killed. After a few years in Kirkwall, she meets Matthew Hawke and his family, getting pulled into his merry band of misfits not long after. During her time with them, she gets to know a certain prickly elf, who finds there's more to the assas...

  • A Warden's Child (Dragon Age Origins)
    2.7K 52 1

    Alistair has somehow managed to impregnate both Morrigan and his dear Warden!

  • XoXo To The Mafia Boss
    710K 22K 66

    After spending the summer in Paris with the man who stole her heart, Catalina has to drastically go back to the real world. Heartbroken Catalina never expected to fall for another boy so quickly. But what happens when her first love unexpectedly returns to her life. This time engaged to her sister. Betrayal, lies, dra...

  • Highschool Roleplay (CLOSED)
    35.3K 481 21

    my first rp book LET'S HOPE THIS DOESN'T FLOP BYE ENJOY #1 in 'highschool roleplay'

  • Warriors RP
    79.7K 398 22

    A warriors RP in the lake territory. This is long after bramblestar. They have been forgotten. Shape the future.

  • Forgotten Disney
    183K 9.3K 187

    A tribute to all deleted and forgotten Disney/Pixar characters with the addition of Lost Disney park attractions, Lost Disney films and deleted songs. #6 in disneymovies #2 in disneyworld #2 in waltdisneyworld #2 in forgottencharacters #2 in pixarcharacters Cover made by @KingdomCo...

  • Frozen retold
    365 10 19

    I do not own any rights of the movie frozen... This is just some awesome fan-fiction I added into many parts if the book :) I also tried to put some of the songs in to ^_^ please comment and give suggestions and ideas :)

  • Jack's Frost (Jack Frost X Male Reader)
    10.6K 301 1

    Okay so this is a shit story I came up with.... Don't know if I'll finish it... Depends on if people want me to!

  • New Stuff! AHHHH!!!!!
    653 22 5

    Hey guys! I will post new ideas here! :)

  • Sonic Werehog X Shadow
    3.3K 31 3