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  • New Beginnings
    27.7K 1.1K 10

    Book Three of My Fake Boyfriend By Katie Kay or Kay_Turner15 There could be... Happiness, Grief, Sadness, Joy, Fear, Love, Pain, Death, & anything eles you can think of. This is the time for new beginning's. New romances, New friendships, and first impressions all between Sienna, El...

  • When The Lies Brush Past My Lips(My Fake Boyfriend: Book 2)
    145K 5.9K 33

    He knows only a lie. A lie that I came up with to protect my self and them from the truth. It would kill Elijah to know the truth and I couldn't let him face that kind of pain with how sick his mom is. I just couldn't tell them the truth. It would hurt the both of them in some way as Luke had become a brother like fi...

  • My FAKE Boyfriend
    201K 6.8K 20

    My Fake Boyfriend. Sienna is the loner girl that nobody notices and when Elijah the popular guy in school dose take a notice to he it surprises her. When he asked her to be his fake girlfriend there were only 3 reasons. To make is mom happy, to get Sienna away from the bullies, and the last one is to be able to date...