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  • The Surprise Baby
    32.9K 961 27

    While Castle is away on Tour and Martha is away with friends, Beckett learns something that could change their lives for the good.

  • My Everything [ON HOLD]
    334 17 1

    What if Kate was stuck in that burning building in Season 6? What if her and Castle were already married and had there 3 kids and 2 on the way. Also includes Esplanie and the Ryans

  • Never Forgotten
    1.6K 93 4

    An AU of Caskett's wedding day.

  • Our Little One
    10K 307 11

    Rick and Kate find out that they are going to have a baby after they have been shot by Caleb.

  • Second Chance
    8.2K 224 7

    What happens when Rick cheats on Kate and she finds out she is pregnant after they break up?

  • Before Beckett
    10.9K 364 16

    Before the series even began, before she even became a cop, Kate Beckett gave birth to a girl. She'd been depressed after her mother's murder, she didn't know what she was even doing. She put her daughter in foster care because she wanted to become a cop. She had to bring her mother's killer to justice. Thirteen year...

  • Castle (fanfiction)
    683 20 1

    Does Katherine Beckett have a sister?

  • 7 years
    2K 62 3

    Takes the events of the season 8 finale and expands on what may have happened in those net 7 years.

  • Inside Your Heaven
    20.9K 971 31

    "I've been down, now I'm blessed. I felt a revelation coming around. I guess it's right, it's so amazing. Every time I see you I'm alive. You're all I've got. You lift me up. The sun and the moonlight. All my dreams are in your eyes..." ~Carrie Underwood It all started when novelist Richard Castle approached an intrig...

  • We Stuck Together
    28.2K 774 20

    When Castle and Beckett pretend to be separated, Beckett gets pregnant and is worried she won't catch loksat in time before Esposito and Ryan find out. Castle Fanfiction #Caskett

  • All My Love
    4.5K 157 8

    Kate Beckett never use to like Rick Castle but then she saw the good and sweet side of him. They became closer and it started to be more than just friends and coworkers. Will they get together eventually? Or will Kate's boyfriends and Rick's girlfriends get in the way of their love connection?