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  • Let's Play Nerd Girl
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    "You shouldn't stare so hard. You might not get to see the best baseball player pitch one." Kane smirked conceitedly. I gagged at his response. "Good. I don't think you're worth looking at." I said as I step back to leave. It's not great watching your crush kiss another girl, the mean girl. And no, she's doesn't wear...

  • Snakes Don't Bite Their Owners
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    Harriet von Schnoppengord is no stranger to high school drama and annoying parents. But when everybody starts turning against her, she decides it time to change things up. Now that this 'sophisticated' freshman is practically a grown-up, it's about time she figured out how to live life on her own. But when she finds h...

  • What She Left Behind ✔️
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    "I'm assuming that little speech was meant for me?" "It was meant for everyone," he replies. "But mostly me. Is it because I called her selfish earlier? Are you still hung up on that?" "I'm not hung up on anything, Gemma." "Then why would you go up there and say that?" I demand, my voice rising above a whisper. "Of al...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Truth About Us
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    Amber Dusten is a normal girl entering senior year of high school, she has the life, perfect grades, a best friend, the looks, and money. Or so, people thought. She is beautiful, with long brown hair, hazel eyes with flecks of blue, and the perfect smile. Under all these layers of walls she has constructed so well an...

  • Paradise (Completed)
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    22-year-old, Savana Dean's life slowly falls to pieces when her brother disappears without a trace of evidence. Not only does she lose her brother, her best friend, but her parents also blame her for his disappearance and cut her out of their life, and she can no longer fake a smile in front of her friends. Three year...

    Completed   Mature
  • The 30 Day Exchange
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    Sample chapter- published by Ukiyoto Publishing Available for purchase on their official site in ebook format and on Amazon in ebook and paperback format. With this day and age, everyone's stressing about something or someone.You have so much to worry about and bringing an infant into the world shouldn't add to your...

  • The Lifeguard
    1.8K 247 17

    Ingrid is the shy, new girl at school. Jared is the popular swim team star. When an accident changes both of their lives, who will be saving who? - - - Content warnings (this entire story) for implied: emergency response, traumatic injury, PTSD/anxiety/depression. - - - Awards: *3rd Place - Quotidian Love Awards (T...

  • Dating in a Lonely City
    17.9K 3.6K 49

    📲A heartbroken young woman navigates dating apps during her year in London; she encounters a string of bad dates before finding herself in an unexpected complexed love triangle📲 *** Speaking on the Tube? 🚆 Forget about it. Meeting someone on a night out? 💃🕺 No way! London is the loneliest city in the world; A po...

  • Ticktock Love
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    After a prank gone wrong, a high school junior unintentionally becomes a TikTok star and inspires protests against gender-biased dress codes. ⁂ How to go from a high school anonymous to an Internet sensation in five steps: 1. Break into your school during the Open School Night, 2. Protest the ridiculous dress code in...

  • Pristine Waters
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    Celestine Pavati Hernandez has always adored the pristine waters of Siargao. Para sa kanya, walang makatatalo sa kapayapaang hatid ng dagat, lalong lalo na sa espesipikong lugar na ito. But, because of a certain someone, would she come to hate it or love it even more?