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  • The Bad Boy Next Door
    384K 21.3K 83

    "She was the kind of girl who could make dying beautiful. With a cigarette perched between her lips and scars ghosting across her skin, she made us believe that anything she did was an act, a performance, as if her life were nothing but prologue to the masterpiece that would be her death." M. K. Wilde *The c...

  • I Am Living With an Idiot
    22.4M 710K 82

    Vena Anderson, a nineteen year old girl has moved away from home to attend college. She has no desire to live in a small dorm room and having to live with a complete stranger, so living in an apartment for her college years is her next option. The only flaw in her plan is that she can't afford it without a roommate. V...

  • Caught By The Bad Boys ✔ SAMPLE
    11.2M 49.9K 18

    "Are you scared because your dad is the sheriff?" "Why do you keep on asking me that?" "I won't stop until I get a proper answer." Lana Jane Willson, just a depressed and misunderstood geeky teenager because of her glasses and her dad being the Sheriff. Yet all she wants is to get into Yale, far away from everyone, th...

    Completed   Mature
  • High School Hit List (CLIQUE BAIT)
    19.2M 969K 60

    **Officially published as Clique Bait with HarperTeen!** Payment is usually a part of a basic transaction. You give and then you take. But, at Arlington Preparatory, people take at their leisure. They take their entertainment in the form of humiliation. They get what they want at the expense of their pawns. But they n...

  • Living With My Crush ✔
    1.3M 42.2K 40

    Highest Ranking : #12 in Humor Category. Rachael is an eighteen year old girl. In fact, she's an adult. But her brother, Michael, still thinks of her as a toddler, meaning, he still thinks that his sister is a kid and is not capable of taking care of herself if she's left all alone on her own. One day, Michael has to...

  • Crush On Mr. Bad Boy [Unedited]
    26.1M 699K 43

    [VERSION WITH EXTRA CHAPTERS OUT ON AMAZON!!!] [This Wattpad Version is the Unedited first draft.] Having a crush on someone isn't easy, especially when they're popular and you're not. But having a crush on the school's bad boy who's ranked highest on the food chain while you're the nerd in the bottom of the food chai...

  • Best Friends with the Player
    15.9M 270K 42

    Kimberly Taylor was a quiet, shy girl with no friends growing up, until Kindergarten when Asher Knight changed that. It's now been eleven years since they've become best friends, and they both have come a long way. Asher Knight has become one of Jefferson High's players and all-star jock. Popular, good looking, funny...

  • best friend
    475K 24.2K 37

    best·friend - noun. a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. about a girl who loved a boy. she knew he loved her, but not in the way she wanted to be loved.

  • Three Thousand Miles Apart
    301K 6.8K 2

    Will We Always Be: Three Thousand Miles Apart {Book 1.5} Please read Just A Friend first {Includes Spoilers} Lydia has just been offered a three month summer fashion internship in Manhattan, NYC; alongside her best friend Ayla. She couldn't be more excited, this is everything she's ever dreamed of and now she's one st...

  • Just A Friend?
    43.5M 1.2M 99

    Will I Always Be: Just A Friend? {Book 1} *** {Teen Fiction #1} Ashton Thompson is everything you'd want in a boyfriend. He's funny, caring, childish at times, loving, romantic...oh and he's drool worthy gorgeous. It's just a shame that he's my best friend...NOT my boyfriend. Being in love with your best f...

  • Mr. Bento
    71 7 7

    "Kudo, muka kau dah hensem betul. Tapi perangai kau ni spoil lah! "-Qaisyah "What? I don't understand "-Kudo QAISYAH. Datang ke Jepun dengan dua tujuan; belajar dan Izumi. Lain yang dicari lain yang datang. Setiap kali perut dalam kesusahan, Mr. Bento datang menyelamat. KUDO. Lelaki ni gila. Suka marah, suka membuli...

  • Aku & Dia
    3.7K 285 8

    Pernah tak kau rasa happy je bila dengan dia. Apa dia buat semua buat hati kau berbunga-bunga bunga bungaaaa tahi ayam. Cinta monyet aku yang indah. Memang seronok lah masa tu, i tell you. Tapi last-last, buat hati aku merana sampai sekarang hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Padan muka.

  • Coretan Tak Jelas
    10.1K 1K 52

    Coretan tak jelas yang ditulis apabila cuba letak diri sendiri dalam pelbagai situasi; jatuh. #top 10 in poetry!

  • "Kawan" ✔
    200K 12.5K 43

    Status: [Completed] Malay short story. #44 teenfiction Kawan [ ka- wan ] کاون Sinonim 1. Sahabat 2. Teman 3. Rakan "Aku kawan kau. Tapi, Aku pun lelaki juga, Sarah. Ingat tu." -Hisyam "Dia, aku suka dia. Tapi aku tak nak persahabatan kita musnah, Syam." -Sarah "Lupakan dia, Sarah. Aku boyfriend kau. Dia? Kawan ja. T...

  • Number 7
    4.1K 299 14

    Apa yang kamu rasa kalau tiba-tiba kamu tau kamu ada kuasa? And at the same time,ada orang mau bunuh kau? Best kah tidak?Ada kuasa memang best,tapi mau kena bunuh takkan la best kan...... Itulah yang terjadi di cerita ni......... So,kalau mau tau,bacalah: )

  • Tersuka Dalam Diam
    454K 24.4K 55

    Bila hati tertutup rapat, tiba-tiba ada orang mengetuk, orang yang dulunya menyakitkan hati tapi lama kelamaan menyenangkan. Tak nak buka, tapi last last ... Ia terbuka dengan rela hatinya. Ehh, datang pula orang yang membuat hati itu tertutup rapat suatu ketika dulu, mahu menagih cinta kononnya. Si gedik pun beraksi...