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  • Confession
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    Im Angeline Marrie, I don't know how I ended up in hospital bed. All I know is that everything that happened is because of him..

  • FINAL FANTASY XIII: HoperaiWeek2017
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    Hey im the one who hosted this year #HoperaiWeek2017. Here are my drabbles 💞

  • Final Fantasy XIII oneshots
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    Disclaimer: I dont Final fantasy or the cover picture, I just really like them both! Oneshots revised from my fanfiction account onto here. I write a lot if FFXIII stories -laughs-

  • Final Fantasy Short Stories | (2016-2017)
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    This is a book filled with short stories of Final Fantasy characters that just come to mind, so I won't always update. (Unless I'm on a roll with ideas. XD) From Final Fantasy VII to Final Fantasy XIII and even Dissidia! Almost any FF character you can think of--they'll more than likely be in this book! (^_-)-☆ I hope...

  • To Loved And To Be Loved FF13 [Hope X Lightning] Fanfiction
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    Agent Lightning was on a mission of marrying the most smartest and richest, the one and only Hope Estheim as to protect him. But what happens when they started to fell deeply in love with each other? How can Lightning be able to accomplish her mission, if Hope eagers to protect her too?

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    Every ending always have a new beginning. A lot of things have changed and epic plot twist has happened, will Lightning and 2 more people who own the memory of the previous event help the others to clear their vision and find the answer that they've been looking for. They are also on their mission to save the world...

  • FINAL FANTASY XIII: To Light,Love Hope
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    Fanart Cover By Hi-Hazuki. Lightning is acting not like herself ever since she re-awake in the new world including her feeling towards Hope is getting stronger. While Hope have to deal with Lightning's unexpected attitude he also have to deal with someone that can be really dramatic. Will Lightning manage to handle he...