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  • Chasing ashes...(On Hold)
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    She was a saint with the lips of sinner. He was a devil with an angelic kiss. And his love was the most exquisite form of self-destruction, because loving someone who hates themselves is gripping torture with both hands, longing to an agony that never ends. Yet, she loved him with every pump in her veins. When Martina...

  • Angel || Leonetta
    7.6K 1.1K 17

    Violetta Castillo is an angel who once lived in the Heavens-until she was condemned to spend the rest of her life on Earth, to pay for her sins. Upon her arrival on Earth , she meets new people and makes numerous friends, including a certain brown- haired boy by the name of León Vargas. However, things get complicated...

    164K 4.5K 47

    When you rape, beat , multilate, burn, bury and terrorize a woman. You haven't just destroyed her. You've destroyed the essential life energy on the planet. Number 2 at : #trustissues { may, 2018 } Number 4 at: #abusiveboyfriend {july 2018} Number 1 at : #jortini { september, 2018}

    Completed   Mature
  • Help
    94.8K 7.3K 121

    Jorge Blanco, also known as an absolvent of the medical university found a job in a hospital for "The Losts". Will he be able to heal someone?

    Completed   Mature
  • My Soul Mate
    4.6K 295 11

    Here I am again, lying on the floor trying to catch my breath, while I'm surrounded by people who are trying to make my heart throb. This isn't a problem at all, cause I know I would survive this. I'm actually used to it. People think that I'm dying right now, but I'm not. I can feel, hear and see all the people who a...

  • Journalist
    83.1K 4.4K 81

    Thanks to my job, I found the love of my life. Jorge is a journalist in The Red News. Everything is fine until he gets a mission. Find out the secret of the strange house.

  • Time
    73.2K 4.5K 123

    "I thought travelling in time will be fun. It is, until you show your feelings." Martina is living a quite ordinary life. What happens if her own mistake makes her get back in time? What is she going to do in a totally foreign world, with nobody to lean on?

  • My Choice
    112K 5.5K 82

    It's time for me to become one of those who compete for prince's heart. Will he love me? Or will one of the girls from the kingdom take him away from me? Do I love him? Violetta has to join the competiton to become the prince's wife. Will a girl from a small town have a chance in the palace, where everything is differ...

  • The Badboy Wants Me
    48.7K 2.2K 45

    Just a story

  • The Devil on High Heels
    61.5K 5.1K 86

    how far would you go for your revenge? Some people wouldn't do anything. Others would hire someone to do the job.. But she? She was able to do everything. She wasn't afraid to make them see how much impact they had on her life. How much they made her tear up, break apart, being filled with questions no one could ever...

  • My Rules
    61.8K 2.6K 58

    Consider me as a piece of paper. You crumple it until it's no longer straight and beautiful. How much you try, how long you'll keep going, it will never be the same; a straight canvas. This was me. I was beaten and when he found out he tried to help me, and get me back to my old self. And how much I wanted, I could...

  • SOLDIER ||leonetta {Editing}
    103K 8K 124

    Sometimes you ask life why you've been gifted with so much beauty. I had asked myself that same question every single day. How could all of this be so pefect and only ment for me? That was all what was going on inside of Leon's head. He had his family, his best friend, the love of his life all twisted around his fing...

  • Is This Possible?
    45.2K 1.9K 73

    Started with a bully and a victim.. continues like crushes.. and ends like.. lovers or haters? Martina is a normal teenage girl who lives in a normal house with normal parents and goes to a normal high school/college. So absolutely normal ;) Altough, she has been bullied and got teased often. Jorge Blanco, most popul...