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  • [Seven-Minute Semblance] GODSFORRENT
    773K 37.3K 44

    I followed orders from the tissue paper of destiny. Now I'm doing my best to avoid dying. Book 1 & 2 of the Seven-Minute Semblance Heptalogy Highest Rank: #7 in Mystery/Thriller (actually #6 but I like the number 7) #1 Villain #1 Strategy #3 Detective #7 Codes (actually #3) #7 Crimes (actually #6) #7 Murders (actual...

  • [Seven-Minute Semblance] GENIUSFORSALE
    345K 8.8K 17

    Prices are negotiable. Book 3 of Seven-Minute Semblance Heptalogy. Please don't read this if you haven't read GODSFORRENT and FIMBULWINTER yet; unless you're brave and bold. Massive spoilers ahead.

  • [GODSFORRENT Special] Seven-Minute Semblance in Quarantine
    79.6K 8.8K 59

    Two months in lockdown? Can the lads really make it through without their lives falling into shambles? Read more to see them slowly lose their sanity.

  • hemlock
    1.9K 389 8

    where ocean meets the sky. date started: 3/23/21