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  • Sadstuck Stories
    9K 428 6

    This is not a x reader book! this is just on the characters of Homestuck (which I do not own Andrew Hussie does) So if your into sadstuck here you go. If not your feels will hit rock bottom to these. Sorry I they are short I will liable which sadstuck goes with whom.

  • Homestuck-Sadstuck Headcanons II
    88.4K 3.4K 73

    A second part of amazing Sadstuck Headcanons!! Once again, I don't own any of this, and I don't know if it's true! Enjoy~ <3 :D

  • HetaStuck (COMPLETE)
    3.5K 124 4

    Just a HetaStuck oneshot based on a little comic. EDIT: why are you still reading this go outside or do whatever you kids do nowadays. You can read Glowing Eyes instead of this abomination.

  • Homestuck Sexcanons
    92.8K 1.6K 18

    Cuze ya know i love these kind of things too much :) and also they make me laugh

  • DemonStuck [Dave x Reader]
    17.6K 570 20

    You just moved into a new school. New people, new classes, new life. You hear rumors of demons, but dismiss them. They are just making things up, right? You are already feeling nervous when you bump into someone in the hall. Just your luck you ran into the coolist kid in school. Dave Strider. With his designer shades...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Karkat X reader) Mersuck
    18.1K 789 33

    You have probably read Mersuck and a Karkat X reader story, but have you ever read them both combined together? *completed* -description- You are a mermaid, yes a mermaid. Everything you ever knew about how your life works just changed. You met a human, an angry human, but you feel like you may be falling for that lit...

    Completed   Mature