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  • Mind the Gap | ✔️
    102K 7.1K 37

    [Open Novella Contest 2020 Winner] Two strangers on separate trains, divided by uncaring glass. A bond forms between them. But will it hold when their trains are bound for different destinations? Evan's heart has been bleeding since his little family was torn apart by divorce, and his nose runs with a cold. Trying to...

  • Mars Inc.
    23.5K 3.5K 50

    Strange things are afoot on Mars. In this incredibly skewed and slightly humourous tale, Mike must dig deep if he's going to find out what's going on at Mars Incorporated, make it out alive, and above all else locate the mysterious Rose. And... what's the deal with the Black Cat, and why is it so important that Mike f...

  • The Floral Crown
    10.3K 569 25

    Highest Ranking - #1 in Goddess; #2 in Mythology **Book One of The Crown Series** Persephone has always been a soul filled with love and laughter. As she claims her rightful title, she also finds a piece of herself she never knew was missing; a deep connection to Hades, High King of the Underworld. With this, she is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tennessee Rose #NewAdult
    257K 14.3K 50

    Willow, a 17-year-old high school senior has a plan to get out of the town that holds her painful secrets that stop her from living a normal life. After she graduates she's leaving and never coming back. Nothing, not even the cute new guy will distract her from her goal. Even though his eyes haunt, and excite her h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Redemption Man
    43.3K 4.3K 67

    In the year 2056, after a devastating cyber war, a falsely incarcerated tech geek has to survive a real-life World of Warcraft game against AI beasties in order to earn his freedom. *****...

  • Revelation (Trinity Book 1)
    855K 6.1K 10

    Eighteen-year-old Rose Davies is a fresher at the prestigious Cambridge University. She dreams of punting on the river, reading Shakespeare in the famous library, and getting to know a town steeped in history. But Trinity College's newest professor, Christian Howard, is a dream of a very different kind - and, imposs...

  • The Fairytale Curse
    1.6K 62 7

    Candace Jacobins always thought she was normal...until the night of her 17th birthday when a fairy-god-mother-in-training named Sage stops time and tells her that she was cursed as an infant and that the curse starts now. Candace must travel to the strange land of Masal where she must learn to escape the fairy tales a...

  • OTHERS (Formerly The Scarlet Effect)
    352K 20.1K 56

    The pandemic was just the beginning. After an unknown virus sweeps across the globe, Aurora and two other survivors seek out safety in a bomb shelter with enough supplies to last a few years. Just as she starts to adapt to her new way of life, she is suddenly abducted by those responsible for introducing the disease...