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  • The Water Boy (Narry)
    13.7M 252K 64

    "He's the star and all I am is the water boy." [#1 Fan Fiction. **First Place (Popular Narry) / 2nd Most Voted Story in the 2014 1DBromance Awards (Olympic 2014)] [Going through a 2nd Edit] Cover by: NarryBuddy

  • Life Changing ✓
    54.1K 6.5K 44

    This is it. The first day of a new chapter in my life: attending University in Manchester. But before I get into that I will introduce myself. My name is Louis William Tomlinson. Pretty fancy right? I was born and raised in Doncaster. Up until a few months ago, I was living with my parents and four sisters. I was livi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lou || Larry Stylinson Mpreg
    943K 43.5K 35

    "who are you?" "I don't remember." "what are you?" "I don't know." 1st place under the category of Enigmatic Larry Stories 1D Bromance Awards Olympic 2014 Contains Mpreg ( not your cup of tea, don't read) Disclaimer : cover art by karukara

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine (Larry Stylinson a/b/o)
    954K 34.5K 26

    Louis is the new kid at school. He's a tiny blue-eyed male omega, in a predominantly all alpha school. Finished: March 8th, 2016

  • Pint-Size, Kitten and Princess (Alpha!Styles Triplets) (Omega!Louis) (mpreg)
    1.2M 54.4K 99

    When the government realises that Omegas are becoming rarer, they bring in measures that Omegas should be Mated of to the most powerful and most wealthy Alphas in the world to keep their bloodlines going. Bring in Louis and Niall, two Omegas who have been on the run for a while, wanting to escape the government Alpha...

  • Locker Room (Larry Stylinson)
    350K 16.1K 23

    Louis has a crush on the football teams captain, Harry Styles. Louis is to shy to say anything to him so he simply indulges himself in going to everyone of Harry's games and secretly watching him change in the locker room.

  • Selectively Mute - Omega!Louis, Alpha!Harry, mpreg (#wattys2016)
    2.9M 133K 137

    In Louis' world, Omega's are taken advantage of and no one blinks an eye. However, what happens when he moves into a world where Omega's are treasured by most. Then, what happens when he meets Harry, the Omega and Alpha clicking instantly. But, not everything can go smoothly, can it, even though you have your everythi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Obedient (Narry) ✓
    365K 18.7K 35

    "slap yourself." "okay." "kiss me." "okay." In which Niall can't help but be obedient. copyright © 2016 by Irishbabie

    Completed   Mature