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  • Crimson Red *Vikklan Story*
    23K 874 10

    Vikklan Vampire Fanfiction! Thanks for all the support! If you like this story maybe i'll do more!! Stay Safe >Gg Rochii< If using my cover, please give credit, i worked really hard.

  • The Packmen Texts
    16.9K 675 10

    How many of y'all wonder what the Pack's texts look like or the Sidemens or what the two groups text each other? I do. A lot. This is what I think they look like. Hope y'all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler's Twin ( A MunchingBrotato fanfic )
    152 17 5

    After being split apart as kids, 10 years later, Tatum and Tyler are finally reunited at VidCon in Cailfornia. Tatum trys to have as much fun with Tyler as possible, before having to leave soon.

  • Flipped - The Pack MVP ^On Hold^
    1.6K 69 8

    The Pack was a normal group of YouTubers until one night in November. Three of them changed. Vikk, Mitch, and Preston woke up to something new. They woke up in girls bodies. With long luscious hair, and different parts, they have to find a way to get back to normal before their subscribers start getting angry. Find ou...

  • Super humans? -The Pack FF-
    664 51 4

    "Super humans? That's impossible, they're just a myth." That's what you think

  • Zodiac Pack
    40.3K 1.4K 17

    [ABANDONED] Rob, Preston, Mitch, Jerome, Lachlan, and Vikk are all born with special powers no other humans can control. I mean, they could hardly control them themselves. No one knows who to trust. So let's see how this plays out. (Based on a book)

  • Reaching for the stars (A MinecraftUniverse Fanfic)
    31K 652 27

    Autumn Bridges lived a normal life with her brother, Adam(AKA SkyDoesMinecraft). She never believed in love after a breakup. She wouldn't let anyone else in, only her brother. But what happens when someone is able to break down her walls? Will she believe in love? Hope you enjoy Reaching For The Stars! (Cover by @cec_...