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  • Minishaw:Is this Love
    11.3K 303 31

    What happens when Harry realizes his true feelings for Simon PS.all of the sidemen live in one house

  • The Packmen Texts
    16.9K 675 10

    How many of y'all wonder what the Pack's texts look like or the Sidemens or what the two groups text each other? I do. A lot. This is what I think they look like. Hope y'all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't Forget Me .... (Simon Minter/ MiniMinter ff) (DISCONTINUED)
    42.6K 1.1K 34

    " I had to move on and I did" They left her with broken promises She was broken They forgot her She never forgot them They moved on She didn't Can they fix her again?! Three best friends torn apart when two leave one behind so they could follow their dreams

  • Will You Stay? { MiniShaw }
    968 25 3

    ( I will update cover soon ) Simon has always had a secret crush on Harry but never got the confidence to tell him. But when Simon finally gets the courage to tell him, it may be for the best.

  • Dealing with some stuff (Minishaw)
    42.3K 1.2K 12

    Harry was not feeling to great, there was something wrong, No one could really pin point what that was, Harry was struggling alone. All the Sidemen live together in this. (Minishaw) TRIGGER WARNINGS - Self Harm and Depression

  • Fight For You
    15K 416 65

    When you're a full time youtuber with a boxing career on the side, life can be hectic. When forced to make a decision, which is deemed most important? Miniminter/ Sidemen Fanfiction

  • Perfect Together!? (MiniMerkaaH7 FF) (Discontinued)
    5K 246 12

    A book about MiniMerkaaH7, cause it's my favourite ship of all time and I love them both! ^•^ A romantic drama type book... HOPE YOU ENJOY! ^-^

  • YouTube Lover Boy (Zerkaa)
    13.3K 323 23

    The girl who just got verified on twitter is making it big. She just started a YouTube account where she reads fanfiction, talks, and plays different games. She had just hit 300,00 subs and was getting more by the second. Soon she had 1,00,00. Josh who was part of the Sidemen, watvhed one of her videos and knew he fel...

  • Ginge •Calfreezy•
    3.1K 100 4

    Izzie Weller, 17, youtuber, younger sister of Joe Weller, good at getting into trouble.

  • Fate• Calfreezy Fanfiction •
    714 29 2

    •Alisha Payne, is the cousin of, Ethan Payne, the well-known YouTuber. A lot has happened in Alisha's life over the past 2 years. But her life is about to change, when Ethan turns up at her doorstep, asking her to move in with him. What will happen when she meets a certain YouTuber, Calfreezy? Will it be love at first...

  • The unbreakable family
    1.8K 142 16

    *based off of my one shot Freezystar* when Vikk and cal are wanting more in their life they go and adopt three adorable kids.

  • Adopted by the Sidemen
    87.7K 1.5K 24

    After coming home one night from a party, Haley found her parents cold, lifeless bodies. she was sent to an orphanage where three years of her life was wasted on useless chores, bullies, and abuse.(not including the abuse her parents gave her) while scrolling through YouTube, Haley found a group of guys called, The Si...

  • Trust~miniminter fanfic{completed}
    14K 162 49

    This is a fanfic about the one and only miniminter. This story is about Alicia Lerone Tobi/TBJZL little sister and how she falls for miniminter. Will they be together or do people get in the way. P.S there is swearing and trigger warnings for depression sorta

  • ~ Lost In Time ~
    1.5K 45 17

    My names Chloe❤️ 1k readsss Thanks peeps x I'm back FINALLY!

  • My Older Brother's Friends
    419 29 24

    Abigail is an average 19 year old. When she was turning 17, she had to move to the US with her parents, leaving her older brother behind at Uni. In the US she gets herself in a bit of trouble. She meets her best friend Emilia when their parents become really good friends. They party way too much and aren't responsible...

  • Zerkaa's lost little sister
    7.9K 102 40

    Brooke Zerker was kidnapped from her family, when she was only two years old and later on was placed in an orphanage, until she was 5. Things were going great, until she turned 15, when her step dad started to abuse and rape her. She ran away and went to go live with her boyfriend. Things were going great, until histo...

    Completed   Mature
    43.2K 1K 48


  • The Smallest - Wroetostar123
    10.8K 375 12

    The two youngest and smallest Sidemen, Harry and Vikk, may not have much going for them but they certainly hold a special place with each other... If you will, adventure with them as they work out just who they are to each other and quite what their ideals are. Now this ain't no sob story but neither is it fully fille...

  • The Right One|| Simon Minter Fanfiction
    1.1K 12 5

    After Tess graduated from college, she had no idea what to do and where to go. Until she moved in with her brother Josh, and met the love of her life.. Simon Minter

  • Maybe (SIDEMEN FF)
    1.1K 114 20

    When Jessica moves to London, she meets a group of boys called the Sidemen. New friends, new relationships, new adventures.

  • Minizerk
    33.3K 953 28

    Simon and Josh like each other. They just don't know it yet so the other Sidemen take matters into their own hands.

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpected turn off events (Minishaw)
    4K 127 4

    Minishaw Harry and Simon realize how much they mean to one another after Harry crashes his car also sorry for the spelling, English is my second language!

  • Bullied by The Sidemen
    108K 2.3K 35

    THIS BOOK SUCKS IDK WHY PEOPLE READ IT Ava constantly got bullied by the guys in school, but as they became closer their relationships change. This book will most likely annoy the shit out of you, don't say I didn't warn. I started writing this when I was at the age of 'disgusting' so that's why the first few chapters...

  • A miniminter fanfic *completed*
    122K 1.9K 27

    This is a fanfic about Simon minter a.k.a miniminter7

  • My love (miniminter fanfic) *completed*
    74.2K 1.2K 25

    Sophie is a 19 year old working in Nandos, when a group of 7 guys come in one day does she feel an instant connection to one of them? And does it go swiftly for them?

  • Something
    348 5 11

    Chandler Fiore is a YouTube personality. She does gaming video and friends with the Sidemen. She doesn't realize it, but she really like one of them. She trusts him with everything. As they get even closer then they already are, Chandler's roommates, Kalani Sweetser and Gray Blanchard, tease her about how much he like...

  • The Moment I First Saw You -minizerk AU-
    31.1K 1.1K 24

    Two guys, Zerkaa (Josh) and miniminter (Simon), found each other on YouTube. Simon saw a few of Josh's videos and decided to talk to him. They then became close friends. Simon started to form feelings for Josh even though Josh had a girlfriend. Josh has never shown his face but knows what Simon looks like. What will h...

  • My New Flatmates (W2S Fanfic) [COMPLETED]
    194K 4.1K 44

    Aileen needs a new flat.. Guess what? She found one! WTF?! A W2S FF with the sidemen and some YouTube stars. UNDER EDITING