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  • No more Good Girl (badboy goodgirl) UNDER MAJOR EDITING!
    7.7M 193K 86

    WARNING: THIS BOOK HAS NOT BEEN EDITED. THIS BOOK IS CONFUSING IN THE BEGINNING BUT IT GRADUALLY GETS BETTER. I WARNED YOU. ~ "We're going to be your teachers." Macy said. "For what?" I asked. "To be popular bad asses," Simone said. "No more good girl for you." ~ Naomi Hensley, she was the girl nobody noticed and ass...

  • Mafia's Daughter (NMGG Spin-Off)
    430K 16.8K 49

    "This is the Mafia, Aubrey," he hissed. "This isn't a joke. I'm trying to make you stronger and helping you survive." "I'm not my dad," I said. "I'm not as heartless." "Well welcome to reality, this isn't some fairytale," he said. "You gotta remember who my grandfather is," I said. "He's taught me things and I've se...

  • The Monroe Family (NMGG Book 2)
    1.2M 45.2K 85

    Halt in the name of hogwarts! If you have not read No More Good Girl, go read it because this is a SEQUEL! If you have, carry on. I'm back! You remember me, Naomi Hensley? Well, I'm Naomi Monroe now. I have five kids, yeah I got pregnant from the honeymoon. *Wink, Wink* ~ You didn't honestly believe that was it, did...