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  • Percy Jackson: And The Argo II Crew
    71.8K 2.1K 82

    Me: Guess who I found? Annabeth: Who? Who?! Me: It was supposed to be you -.- Leo: Salute to the great whale! Me: Get back in! it's not time yet! *Shoves Them Back Inside The Waiting Room* *Few Minutes later* Me: Presenting: The PJO Crew! * Nothing happens * Me : -.- When you'...

  • the Summer House
    269K 8K 22

    Annabeth Chase and her family go to a beach house for the summer. She meets Percy Jackson, a boy you grew up by the sea. What happens when the two fourteen-year-olds have a boring summer ahead of them? What happens when they have to say goodbye?

  • The Lost Heroine (Heroes of Olympus/Kane Chronicles crossover) [2016]
    29.4K 697 25

    Annabeth Chase wakes up in an unfamiliar house, surrounded by people in white bathrobes and weird necklaces. At the same time, Sadie Kane opens her eyes to find herself in a small, gray and silver house full of books, with a dark haired, sea-green eyed boy staring down at her. Neither of them can remember much more th...

  • PJO/HOO Guys X Reader
    14.6K 300 26

    This is my first x reader so please go ahead and tell me what you think. Requests are open! :D

  • Secrets [A Heroes Of Olympus Fanfiction]
    286K 8.2K 46

    It's been just over a year since the end of the Giant War. Percy and Annabeth have completed high school and are preparing to move to New Rome to continue their lives. Jason and Piper are still going strong, even though Jason has been moving between the camps constantly. Frank and Hazel are still in the legion at Camp...

  • Truth or Dare, What could go wrong?
    426 48 4

    As Jason, Piper, Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo, Frank, Hazel, and Reyna return from there last battle to save the world, they are surprised to see a new demigod at camp. Her name is Liliana and she's a daughter of Hades. She claims to have gone here since she was a baby, but Nico has never seen her before. Something is v...

  • Caleo - This new guy at camp...
    38.2K 1K 19

    Summer Livia is in love with the new guy at camp, but some things just aren't meant to be. WARNING! Contains spoilers.

  • Caleo - Finding Calypso
    34.6K 939 24

    Sequel to Caleo - This New Guy at Camp... Leo is going to rescue Calypso. Or at least that's the plan. But sometimes, plans don't always work out right...

  • PJO to Make You Smile
    46.4K 2K 200

    hi. im abby. this book is a collection of headcanons and little funny things that ive found across the internet about percy jackson. none of these belong to me (unless specified in the chapter). so shoutout to all the fabulous people who actually are funny enough to think of all this.

  • The Years After (Percabeth fanfic)
    162K 3.3K 31

    This is a story about the years after the war with Gaea. Since good ol' Uncle Rick didn't write an epilogue I decided to write my own because how else will the Percy Jackson fans sleep at night. Anywho, hope y'all enjoy...

  • Doves or Death (Thalico) Book 2 [COMPLETED]
    13.7K 398 13

    NICO IS HURT by Thalia and thinks she rejected him. He knows what's already done, can't be changed but that doesn't fix his broken heart. He would rather never see her again, so when Thalia shows up at his frond door, he is not waiting for an explanation. THALIA IS FRUSTRATED She gave up all she had for that stupid so...

  • A future with you. Percabeth Book 1 [COMPLETED]
    27.3K 588 18

    This is a Percabeth story that takes place when they are 23 years old. Percabeth forever right? Well, we all know that, but what else happens? Read to find out. Sorry I suck at descriptions.

  • Percy Jackson quiz : D
    10.9K 615 78

    Questions about the Percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus books

  • PJO/HOO- Headcanons
    1.3M 56.9K 198

    Prepared to feel the feels? Prepared to cry, laugh, and fangirl with the characters of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter? If so, then enter, mighty demigod, into the land of headcanons! This book includes heart-wrenching, funny, unique one-shots about our favorite PJO & HOO characters (with the occasional crossover). B...

  • artemis ; pjo
    117K 4K 91

    ❝ WHY ARE YOU TAKING OFF YOUR PANTS?! ❞ ❝ SO I CAN SHOW YOU MY SEXY GOAT LEGS ❞ in which a half-blood discovers that her godly mother made a monumental mistake. (𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯) (𝘸𝘭𝘮) (𝘱𝘦𝘳�...

  • An Oath (Leo Valdez/Caleo) REWRITING/EDITING
    172K 4.5K 39

    He promised he'd come back for her. After the war he figures a way in. Calypso has been waiting him.

  • Percabeth's Child: Children of Olympus Book #1
    1.1M 25.6K 29

    After peace is finally made between the Romans and Greeks, the seven demigods from the prophecy, plus Nico, are offered immortality. The Olympians have given them five months to show where there powers lie. But much more than that happens in those five months. Annabeth gets pregnant, Nico falls in love, and Leo comple...

  • Remember me?
    755K 30.6K 58

    Annabeth was a quiet girl. Now she's and outspoken billionaire. Percy was a detention regular. Now he's a special agent for the FBI. Piper was always unpopular. Now she's a rising star. Jason was always popular. Now he runs his own lawfirm. Leo was the class clown. Now he's the prime suspect. Frank was the failing...

  • [Unedited] Wisdom's Daughter
    8.7K 490 35

    Brave, sarcastic, funny. Intelligent, sassy, snappy. Fighter, reader, student. All of these words describe Brianna Grace. But, is there more to her than just these traits? Her family life, maybe. She has grown up without a mother, and isn't expecting anything to be different during and after her senior year. That's wh...

  • Percy Jackson Jokes!
    4.7M 237K 203

    Random Percy Jackson jokes