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  • Dear Ryland (Triolgly to 'Dear Rocky') {Wattys 2016}
    5.9K 521 23

    They always say your life always flashes before you eyes, but you don't beleive it until your dead.

  • Convalesce (Ross Lynch Fanfiction)
    550 50 4

    Convalesce (verb) To recover ones health or strength over a period of time. ~~~ He couldn't imagine a world without her. Until he had to live one.

  • Adopted By Riker Lynch
    29.5K 901 25

    When Riker wants to prove to both his parents and siblings he's responsible, he goes to a local orphanage to adopt a little girl, or boy. Rydel decides to tag along with him, to make sure he makes the right choice. Just when he's about to give up, he finds the perfect extra Lynch; Riley Turner. She's just like all of...

  • Partners In Crime (Ross Lynch/R5)
    9.1K 458 16

    Elizabeth was just a ballet dancer and a college girl, living in her own. Her parents had her well endowed and taught her good morals. One night after she treated herself to a nice dinner, someone tried to mug, then kill her. If it weren't for a certain blonde boy, she'd be six feet underground. Ross was an actor, sin...

  • Rariana
    2.7K 178 11

    Ariana grande and Ross lynch meet the first time and it looks like they like each other but the same time they are shy to talk to each other but what if they tell each other they like each other would one say something or would they just walk away

  • Broken //.r.s.l.
    1.4K 73 7

    "Why do such bad things happen to good people?" Lydia and Ross have been best friends for years now, Ross turns 19 and gets a shocking surprise and it comes to find out his parents crash in a car accident, everyone is devastated. They even think about quitting their band; r5, but will they ever move on from this?

  • Dancing With The Stars|| Ross Lynch
    8.2K 293 15

    Rose Loncaster was just a singer/dancer/model who happen to be chosen. Chosen to be in the next season of Dancing With The Stars. Rose only thought she was going to complete one of her dreams and then move on. She never thought she'd find love in the dance studio. And she definitely did not thought he would mean so mu...

  • Just a Maid
    92.1K 6K 64

    Sara é uma rapariga de 18 anos, humilde, de bom coração que decide trabalhar numa casa de ricos, a casa dos Lynch, uma família que se deixa levar pela arrogância, pelas aparências e pela ambição. Jamais pensou que trabalhar numa casa como esta seria o seu pior pesadelo, mas estava disposta a aguentar qualquer humilhaç...

  • The One Who Got Away||{Ross Lynch}
    1.5K 110 8

    Ross Lynch Fanfic

  • The Real Rydellington
    55.7K 2K 43

    Rydel Mary Lynch. The only girl in the band R5, along with three of her brothers and their best friend. The girl with 4 brothers. The girl whos never had a first kiss. Ellington Lee Ratliff. The drummer and backup singer in the band R5, along with his three best friends and their sister. The guy who's dating Kelly Voo...

  • Tour Troubles (R.S.L/R5)
    7.1K 285 49

    Everything that could possibly happen ≧ It's not your typical Tour story

    Completed   Mature
  • Alone With Ross
    173K 8.6K 106

    "Two months of being alone and without Ross, is two months of me regretting my decisions, of me being absolutely outraged towards myself, of me missing being alone with Ross." "To love and to be loved back." Caspian screwed up big time with her aunt. That's how she ended up in 'Bumpy Roads' a home for troubled teens. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Innocent. A Ross Lynch Fan Fiction.
    316K 7.5K 48

    Scarlett is an innocent girl who has a normal teenage life. She has a normal family and a normal house, and she's just, normal. Her family expects a lot from her. Her best friend Marissa takes her to an R5 concert since Marissa is CRAZY for R5. What happens when she meets the me members of the band? Will she fall for...

  • The Truth Behind Rydellington
    12.9K 395 14

    This is the story of the real Rydellington. Based on interviews, photos, videos and social media

  • Hiding feelings
    2.5K 134 47

    Ross lynch fan fiction Chole Martin was a normal teenager who works double shifts at Randells hot dogs. When ross lynch on the other hand is about to be signed to one of the biggest record labels in the business. But after a tragic accident between the two, will this ruin ross' career forever? Will they fall in love...

  • Infinity Is Possible (Ross Lynch/R5 Fanfic)
    1.5M 30.3K 85

    "Should've known right from the start, you can't predict the end." ∞ {Trilogy to "Anything Is Possible."}

  • Stalked By A Lynch (Ross Lynch)
    4K 137 5

    He stalks me everyday. It has been going on since I was 15. He sends me love notes and tells me not to tell. His shadow follows me everywhere. I don't know much about him. I know he is tall and thin. There is one thing that sticks out to me. My stalker has bright blonde hair. Who is this mysterious blonde boy?

  • Rariana
    255 17 5

    There is a girl name Ariana grande she meets a guy band with one girl and she sits next to him at the RDMA and thought he was cute he looked at her and smile. Does Ross Like her ? read and find out

  • publicity - r.s.l.
    1.5K 121 7

    ❝this won't be too hard.❞ i say, trying to start a conversation. she scoffs before walking out of the room. ❝please, my love for you is faker than my boobs.❞ ((lowercase intended))

  • Somebody To You (r.s.l.)
    3.6K 214 7

    At first he was just focused on his career and gaining fame, but when he spots her, his whole view on life changes.

  • Forgiving Rocky (Squeal To 'Dear Rocky')
    11.4K 843 21

    Faking your death is one thing, but coming out about it. . . Is a whole other thing. (Creidt for book idea; @IWannaSeeChuSmileR5)

  • Our Journey
    26.6K 3K 13

    So since my previous account was deleted with everything wiped out; which Im pretty disappointed about; I guess you can ask your questions on here again. I will try to answer as many as I can, despite us being on tour for another few months. :)

  • Being Ross' Daughter ( a Ross Lynch and Rydellington FanFiction)
    187K 4.5K 64

    This Is About Ross Lynch's Daughter, Starry. This Follows Her Life Growing Up With The Lynches. She May Seems Like A Happy 3 Year Old But Inside She Craves To Know Who Her Mom Is.

  • Runaway (R.S.L)
    25.2K 1.3K 27

    She was an orphan, someone without a family. She was bounced around from foster home to foster home, never staying in one home for long. So when Scarlett Haven turns eighteen, she decides to run away. She has no money, no phone, absolutely nothing. She didn't expect to run into the nicest family who decided to take he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Addicted - R.S.L. (IN EDITING)
    2.1K 151 9

    ❝I'll let him get addicted to me, then I'll break his little heart❞ A story in which a player learns how it feels to have his heart broken.

  • R5 Lyrics!
    7.4K 395 52

    This book is all the songs from the American band R5. R5 is an American pop rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2009. The band consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch (bass/vocals), Rocky Lynch (lead guitar/vocals), Rydel Lynch (keyboard/vocals), and Ellington Ratliff (drums/voc...

  • The Nerd Who Stole My Heart R.L.
    62.3K 3.5K 66

    What happens when two worlds collide? { unedited }

  • Substitute Child (Ross Lynch)
    48.8K 1.7K 17

    Five months have passed since the birth of Olivia Riley Lynch. Skylar and Ross are happily engaged and they are loving their life as new parents. With raising Olivia, and helping Rydel and Ellington prepare for their own little bundle of joy, the last thing they expect is for the biological father of Olivia to appear.

  • I•C•E// r.s.l.❣
    17.1K 1.3K 30

    I did what I had to do. And sure, it hurt me beyond words but, I prefer it hurting me rather than hurting the others around me. I think of them daily, how they are, if they have moved on from me. But, I need to forget them, because I have a new life ahead of me. I guess some things just can't be left untouched. - Ath...