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  • Tower [Jikook]
    99.1K 5.4K 13

    Jungkook's current possessions: 1. An empire 2. A hell of a lot of money 3. A rather large stack of guns and knives 4. Park Jimin

  • Boss of Me | Jikook
    267K 16.4K 38

    On one hand, there's a hostile and unforgiving man with a dark secret. On the other hand, there's an ambitious and somewhat fearless man, who is determined to catch his big break. All Jimin wanted was a simple life in which he could achieve his goals, but it seems as though fate has written something completely diffe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sinful Tastes (Vmin/JiKook)
    292K 23.1K 109

    They say the end is always just that...But is it really? When your life is full of complete it always just death for you? My name is Park Jimin. I am...was, a priest in training at my church. I swore to protect my people from those monsters within our world. But yet...I've been treated like one of them. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reply «vmin»
    376K 25.4K 101

    Beautaeful: Hey Jiminnieneutron: Oh! Hey Beautaeful: You seem impressed Jiminnieneutron: More like freaked out Beautaeful: Why...? Jiminnieneutron: You're friends with Min Yoongi!! Aka Suga!! Aka Agust D!! Aka my crush!! Beautaeful: I don't usually say this to strangers Beautaeful: Mostly if they've left likes on m...

  • youtube neighbor // jikook
    184K 9K 22

    jimin didn't know that his favorite youtuber lived next door mature for lots of swearing and sexual jokes. don't read if uncomfortable.

    Completed   Mature
  • Collide ◆ JiKook
    289K 20.7K 31

    What happens when Jimin wakes up and realizes that the sudden voice in his head was real? ◆ "Do you think the universe fights for souls to collide?" (JIKOOK fanfiction) Started: 11/01/16 Ended: 03/21/17 A/N: you might need some tissues

  • My vampire prince (Jikook smut)
    400K 11.2K 25

    The shy human Jeon Jungkook will be a slave for the vampire prince. He's afraid and scared. What will happen to him and what will the hot prince do to him? Will the human change the creature? -smut warning- Mpreg warning- [Jimin top, Jungkook bottom] Cover by @chimslilkookie >complete<

    Completed   Mature
    1.1M 67.6K 57


  • Let's Get Things Straight | JiKook
    4.8M 215K 40

    "I'm straight! It's just that gay porn pays better."