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  • Seattle (Jinbop x Reader and Ross x Reader) Book One
    46.3K 1.6K 34

    "This is.... Incredible." I stammer, walking towards the rail. He walks up behind me and puts his arms around me from behind. "Almost as amazing as you." He smiles, resting his head on my shoulder." -Seattle, Chapter Eight: The Date --- When faced with a new job, Y/N will now be working with her brother and his co-wo...

  • Trapped ~JinBop x Reader~
    23.3K 605 19

    Because of the other being so popular. I made another with a more fantasy feeling to it.

  • Jinward (jinbop x okward)
    5.1K 188 11

    This story will contain content too sexual for some readers if you are under age or a wuss btw jin and everyone else are in high school but okwards a freshman and Jin is a senior (^.^)

  • While in Washington -Jinbop X reader-
    74.3K 1.7K 38

    This is my first x reader and jinbop was the most requested youtuber to do. sorry if its not as good as others. but the main point is you are visiting washington and you meet your favorite youtuber jinbop. Jin must win your love before you go back to your home.